Gimpleg had the pleasure of speaking with London’s Supersaurus. Together they discussed their origin, Mix #01, their recommendations, and so much more!

1.Supersaurus is a type of sauropod dinosaur. Is that your favorite dinosaur (if not, what is your favorite dinosaur)?

Benji: Not really, my favourite dinosaur is triceratops. Supersaurus isn’t even my favourite sauropod, that’s brachiosaurus. Supersaurus is just the coolest name.

Tay: I think probably a stegosaurus.

2.What is the origin story for supersaurus- how did the four of you come together?

Benji: Me, Tay and Bec had been playing music together for a while but it took forever to find a drummer. We auditioned a load of people but it didn’t work out so we ended up putting an ad out that said gays only and Lauren was the only person who responded.

Tay: It felt like ages trying to get a drummer and as soon as we met Lauren it felt like everything just fit and we clicked really well quite quickly and I just remember being super excited to get going with everything.

3.In your Instagram stories, all four of you always seem to be together. Do you really spend as much time together as it seems?

Benji: Yes but only because Lauren and Tay are still trying to beat me at mario kart.

Tay: *Tay has already beaten Benji at Mario Kart once and refuses to let them forget it 🙂

4,You’re tasked to write a song about something uniquely British. What is that song about?

Benji: Those shows that are marketed as comedies but you watch them and it’s the most existentially depressing thing you’ve ever seen with a sarcastic joke every now and then.

Lauren: I’m not good at writing songs but it would definitely be something like getting chips by the beach in our terrible weather. 

5.Mix #01 just released in October. What was it like releasing your first LP?

We just wanted to put the songs we released through 2022 in one place for everyone, and added a little extra tune whilst we were at it. It was a good way to end the year ready to start 2023.

6.You describe yourselves as Indie Pop, what bands are your biggest influences when it comes to creating music?

Benji: Honestly, 80s movie soundtracks. Like the blade runner soundtrack and stuff like that, I wanted to take that and add guitars. And then a lot of the stuff my mum used to listen to when I was a kid like The Cure and Sisters of Mercy.

Lauren: I grew up on a mix of 80s music and artists like Alanis Morrisette and Fleetwood Mac so it’s a combination of that for me.

Tay: I grew up on a bunch of different music but one that’s stuck with me a lot is 80s pop.

7.What bands are you listening to right now and recommending to other people?

Benji: Muna

Tay: Muna 

Lauren: Muna

Bec: Muna

8.How would you describe your songwriting process?

Benji: There isn’t really a fixed process for anything, like every song happens completely differently. Sorry that’s a really boring answer but it’s true.

9. Your music video for “Waking Up Sad” is a lyric video with still animations of a simple ghost, yet I feel so bad for the ghost through the video. How did the idea for this video come about?

We really wanted to put a video to Waking Up Sad, but honestly we didn’t have the budget for the idea we really wanted to do. So the next idea was to create the animated video you saw and at the same time avoid our terrible acting skills. Benji also loves ghosts and so that sort of developed into a storyline for the lyric video.

10. In 2022 you had your first headlining gig. Is there anything scheduled, as far as live performances, in 2023?

We’ve got lots of gigs being planned right now but more excitingly is the music we planning to release. Expect a lot from us this year. 

11. While all of the lyrics on Mix #01 seem to deal with sadness, depression, and mental health issues, all of the music is pretty upbeat and poppy, except for the last track. “Dry My Tears”, is downbeat, sad, and altogether emotional. Was it intentional to end the album on such a sad note?

Benji: Honestly, we just put them in release order. We’re not clever enough to think about how an album should thematically flow. 

Lauren: we had Dry My Tears for a while and we all really liked it but, like you said, it doesn’t really fit with the rest of the upbeat tunes, so we thought it would just be a nice addition to Mix #01 and a good way to release it.

12.You’ve been teasing that you have something new in the works for a little while now. Can you say anything about what that might be?

Yes. We are releasing our 5th Single “Valentine’s Day” on 10th Feb. The perfect song to keep the mood up if you are alone on V Day! 

13.Where can people go to find out more about Supersaurus and to support the band?

Come and see us at some of our gigs, we’d love to meet people who like our music. We’re going to be venturing outside of London for the first time this year too! Keep an eye on our socials.


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