February 3rd saw the release of Sydney outlet GRXCE’s sophomore single “Family Traditions.” Following the release of their debut “Pretty Boy” GRXCE have examined the nuclear family structure on their latest single. Mustard had the pleasure of speaking with GRXCE earlier this week. Lead singer, Jamila Grace let Mustard know that:

A bit of a more vulnerable side to GRXCE, it’s a piece of our puzzle that starts to create a more holistic picture of who we are as a band. It definitely allows people into who we are as people more, you can learn more about where we came from, how we grew up and how we became the people we are today.

As a condiment who is fascinated by human culture, behavior, and the structures they have in place Mustard can really appreciate what GRXCE does on this single. Some humans have the desire to live within a white picket fence, wave to their neighbor who has a higher salary than them, and water the grass during late hours. But human society is changing. That no longer is the dream for some – and that is okay. Humans cannot progress without some sort of evolution. Change is scary (purple Ketchup for example) but it is necessary. This is not to say that conserving and following old ways is wrong. It is not. Mustard believes some of those hardened ways have a place but it should be expected, at some point, society will grow out of it. That is what GRXCE does on “Family Traditions.”

Within human families, and this can be heard in the lyrics, are structures. A human child may be afraid to speak up to their human mother or father because they fear the repercussions. GRXCE brings that to the forefront. Mustard has observed as well that no human family is alike. GRXCE being vulnerable on “Family Tradition” allows us as listeners to connect more with them. A human’s home life is intimate and private. We never truly know what goes on within a home. Mustard hopes this song will allow listeners to rexamine their own family structure. Is it positive and beneficial to all? If not, how can they change it? We shall see.

Mustard looks forward to future releases from GRXCE.

You can listen to “Family Tradition” here.


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