The Peace Accord – Imposter Syndrome

Review by Gimpleg

In Peace Accord’s album, Imposter Syndrome, we get to experience Stephen Gilbert’s longing for something more peaceful and serene as he expertly weaves us through a dozen melodic tracks the weave in and out of genres while still all holding the familiar dulcet tones. 

While this album is almost entirely Stephen Gilbert’s, from the guitars, rhythm section, vocals, and even production, he also brought in friends for the cello and even an accordian, all while keeping the indie sound uniquely his own. The straightforward acoustic layered guitar that intro the album in the first two tracks become distorted in “Guestroom” and the vocals are turned down creating a supernatural vibe as Gilbert sing of haunting this world- a clever technique where the meaning of the song is heightened through the production. 

Gilbert even experiments with indie country music with “Lady in the Apples”, where his signature tones transition flawlessly into a western themes country track that stands out with whistles that add perfect ambiance and an organ that somehow feels right at home.

There are folk songs and songs that deal with loss, in many different ways. There are songs that feel personal, but also songs that feel like they are parables. Sometimes it feels like the protagonist is Gilbert and he is singing to tell a personal story, but other times he is completely cut off from the protagonist in the song and it is a story of a distant place or time. Gilbert drifts freely through these narrations all while maintaining a warm comforting sound on his guitars, which also drift from acoustic to electric and back without losing the distinct styling.

If you are looking for a nice Indie album the covers the spectrum from emo to country and more, and something soft, quiet and relaxing, with a pleasant vocal voice and clever production, that is both easy on the ears and on the mind, then be sure to add Peace Accord’s Imposted Syndrome to your playlist.

Sarah Yagki – I Love You, I Lied

Human heartbreak is never a pleasant or enjoyable experience. Sometimes humans avoid breaking up and moving on with someone so they do not hurt that individual. Nonetheless, Yagki’s title track off her upcoming EP provides listeners with an engaging experience. Yagki’s style of pop has an edge to it as does her storytelling.

While this is a breakup song, Mustard wonders, who is Yagki breaking up with? Is it the subject of the song? Herself? Or both. This alone makes Mustard curious.

Sarah Yagki is an artist Mustard recommends you keep on your radar.

Gia Darcy – I’ll Never Drink Again

This song will inspire humans to purchase an automobile just so they can blast and sing this song with the windows down. Eventually, if wound up in traffic, everyone else on the road will join in. Humans who do not drink will appreciate how much of a pop smash this song is. As a condiment this song makes me wary of consuming alcohol if they ever shapeshift due to Darcy’s experience. With that said, “I’ll Never Drink Again” makes Mustard want to shake themselves on top of a table and shout incoherent madness.

Ceara Cavalieri – Bad Thing

Cavalieri’s “Bad Thing” was inspired by an actual situation that took place with the artist. Ceara caught her girlfriend cheating on her while at a party. This is an experience no human should ever have to go through. Cavalieri though takes a bad situation and turned it into a playful pop-rock song that will have you dancing and vibing wherever you may be.

Copeland James – Best Friend

Mustard would like to be best friends with Copeland James. This song has sprinkles of Regina Spektor but remains authentically James. This song is for those who want that feeling of being known. Mustard has observed that feeling is very important to humans. The instrumentation of “Best Friend” will lift your spirits and put you in a good mood. If Mustard was a human they would stop what they were doing and search for a best friend. Whatever comes next from Copeland James, Mustard will be there supporting. Because that is what human friends do.


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