Mango in Euphoria – Hollywood 

Mango in Euphoria has created a sub-genre of disco, dark disco, that has captivated Mustard since they first listened to Mango’s previous works. Euphoria’s twist on the genre rejuvenates life into a genre that some humans consider dead. Hollywood is an electronic high-energy song that should be synced and licensed for the next Just Dance game. While Mango’s previous works have been experimental – “Hollywood” only elevates her experiment further. This is a song that you wish would just loop for 10 hours straight. 

Mustard recommends you dance to this song. A lot. Wherever you may be.

Sixteen o’six – Made in London

Following the release of “Oh my days” sixteen o’six has returned with the jazz-pop “Made in London.” On it sixteen o’six Ana declares “they feel like they made it” and for good reason. Last year, Ana got the opportunity to perform at Katzpace in London operated by fellow independent musician Bebe Barry. 

“Made in London” has infectious energy. It feels like the perfect song to be sung in a smoky jazz bar deep within underground London. To be invited to that bar is a privilege by itself. The chorus is something that will be stuck in your human mind. Rather than being upset about having a song stuck in your head, you will be pleased. Sing it enough (which you should) and it could prompt you to book a future holiday there. 

Sixteen o’six feels like a “small girl in a big world” but with songs like this soon she’ll be on top of it. 

Treat your human ears to “Made in London.” They will be chuffed you did.

Dullan – You Stole My Song

Mustard has a conspiracy: The Beatles never broke up. They have just been rebranded as Dullan. Which, if true, means Dullan’s most recent single “You Stole My Song” should be receiving acclaim all across the human planet known as Earth. Look closely at the Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart album cover. Dullan can be spotted on it. 

Nonetheless, Dullan shared the story behind “You Took My Song” in a recent interview we did. If you have not checked that out, Mustard recommends you do. 

“You Took My Song” has been described as Baroque Pop. Mustard believes that is accurate. Dullan has such a signature sound and style that comparing him to someone else feels like a disservice. With this track being Baroque pop, it is irregular and takes you on an adventure. Which is enjoyable as going through human life on a straight and narrow path does not always yield exciting results. 

Mustard feels like this is Dullan’s best work yet. How it ties into his future EP Mustard is curious and excited to see. 

The Fifth House – Sirens 

Outside of Music Shelf, The Fifth House is a band that Mustard goes out of their way to listen to. With surf-rock vibes that remind Mustard of Connecticut’s Dr. Martino, The Fifth House ride their own wave. Released at 1:13 AM on Monday “Sirens” tells the other side of a previous track of the band’s “Charles Buwoski (But Not Because We Like Him).”  “Sirens” is about the situation that led up to that song. 

Writer/Bassist/Lead singer Julia Crow opened up, bravely, on Instagram about this single. Mustard does not want to try to rewrite the situation. They simply recommend that you check out the post for yourself when you can. It will give you a deeper appreciation for “Sirens.” 

“Sirens” is honest, vulnerable, and authentic. The Fifth House is able to surf through high tide and come out stronger than they were before. 

Andy B & The World – Apathetic (Featuring Roshambo & Common Sense Kid)

Review by: Gimpleg

Well Hot Mustard! 

Seriously, this is exactly what I look for in music. 

If you don’t know Andy B and the World, this is officially a one man band, and he collaborates with other artists. His debut album was Jan 2021 and featured a whopping 172 musicians on 14 tracks. (Learn more about Andy B in his recent interview on the music shelf). This is their first single since that release, and it features fellow British musicians Common Sense Kid and Roshambo. 

With heavy doses of modern ska and punk rock, this track takes a stand on the need for music to have a greater meaning and to be involved in social change. What I didn’t expect, and what this song does amazingly well, was to blend in several rap verses and seamlessly add hiphop and rap with ska and punk. This song was a call to arms that doesn’t just rehash the sounds of previous generations, but blends genres in a forward manner while not just saying music should be political but demands that it must have something to say.

Also, find out more about Andy B from his interview on music shelf right here

Josh Dare (Featuring Chloe Moser) – Right In Front of Me

Josh Dare, along with Chloe Moser, have created the ultimate feel good summer anthem. Mustard’s human intern immediately began snapping their fingers, put on their bathing suit, and searched for a surf instructor. “Right In Front of Me” is like traveling to an exclusive resort with clear waters and overpriced drinks without leaving the comfort of your home. For your human ears. How they created this good-energy Beach Boys-esqe tune is beyond Mustard but they are so glad they did.

Treat yourself to some salt water, a sandcastle, and a slightly melted Spongebob Popsicle while you stroll the beach with your jailbroke iPod application on your phone. There is a chance this song will lead you to meeting your future human crush/partner/spouse. Mustard hopes it does.

If Mustard had the ability to smile, effortlessly, like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson they would. Because this song makes Mustard feel the human emotion: happy.

Brandon Maxwell – Walk Away

Brandon Maxwell was kind and gracious enough to allow Music Shelf an early preview of their upcoming song “Walk Away.” Walk Away does not come out officially until March 3rd. You can pre-save it here. 

“Walk Away” tells the story about a fractured relationship. Human relationships are not as easy as one two three, unfortunately. Through these struggles and challenges though it allows humans to grow. While the song tells a harrowing story it is contrasted with a pleasurable rock sound that reminds Mustard of the soundtracks from early 2000 R-Rated comedies. Fortunately for the listener, they can enjoy this song without watching a human fornicate with baked goods. Another great thing about “Walk Away”, besides not being hazed by human adults in toga’s is that Maxwell is joined by Half Past Two’s Tara Hahn.

Maxwell’s goal is to “put out high quality, meaningful music, consistently.” They would consider “Walk Away” to be just that.

Flip and The Combined Effort – You Are My Favorite 

Review by: Gimpleg

Flip and the Combined Effort released this single on Valentine’s Day and while it’s not specifically a Valentine’s Day song, a better release date couldn’t have been possible. 

This Arlington, Texas band is a nice pop punk, and ska band with hip hop influences. The horns come in at the start of the song and you immediately think that it will be a third wave ska song. The horns are absolutely excellent, but then as the song kicks in you get a catchy pop punk rhythm with call backs after every link that begs you to sing along.

And then it delivers the message that every Valentine wants to hear, and if you didn’t tell your loved one, then you might not have a Valentine next year. (You should let them know every day, not just Valentine’s Day).

You’ve got a nice butt.

Also, you should take that nice butt over to read last year’s interview on music shelf right here.

Bite Me Bambi – Let Me Love You

Review by: Gimpleg

Bite Me Bambi never misses, and this is definitely not an exception. From the harmonized vocals intro to the heavy keys to the traditional ska upstrokes, and of course Tahlena’s voice. 

There’s not a whole lot more to say about this song, if you like Bite Me Bambi you’ll love it. This track seems to have some more 2 tone influences than most of their songs and the keys are probably the best that I can think of off the top of my head from their incredible catalog.

Supersarus – Valentine’s Day 

Review by: Gimpleg

Brit pop up-and-coming stars Supersaurus have yet to put out a bad song and this catchy tune falls on an ever growing list of potential hits.

A catchy, not-a-love-song about getting dumped on Valentine’s Day and moving on, this track just begs you to sing along even before you know the lyrics. Seriously, everything about this song is catchy, from the snaps at the start to Benji’s vocals and everything else along the way. 

If you haven’t already jumped on the Supersaurus bandwagon, this is your chance, because I have a feeling it’s gonna get crowded fast- and if you want to learn a little more about them, check out their interview here.


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