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Mustard had the pleasure of speaking with Summer of Pink Halo. Together we discussed their band name, favorite head accessories, their single “Beach Babe,” their upcoming single “Window”, and so much more!

1. Mustard is grateful to have Pink Halo join them at Music Shelf. How is everyone?

We’re great! Just drinking some smoothies and coffee to start our morning off.

2. Mustard has observed that halos are a sign of goodness. What does the color pink signify? What aura/mood does a pink halo present? 

Halos can definitely be a sign of goodness, and I think that’s how Julian and I try to approach this project. In good spirits and good intentions. We care about people, we care about politics, we care about the environment, and we care about making changes that will benefit future generations. Our music doesn’t always specifically address these topics, but we want to connect with good people who also share our values, and hopefully make them feel something through our music. 

When we were exploring band name ideas, we wanted something visual that could create an image in people’s minds when they heard the name. It actually comes from a time when I (Summer) dyed my hair orange, and it had washed out to a light pink color. My hair was really shiny and it was giving off a little halo effect, and thus blossomed the name Pink Halo. Maybe it will transform into something that has a different meaning over time… 

3. How does Pink Halo feel about other head accessories? Did you know it was always going to be a halo or did you have other names in mind?

We both own lots of beanies… Julian is especially fond of his red beanie. We didn’t always know it was going to be a halo, nor a head accessory, but at the time it just seemed right, and it still does.

4. What are some divine acts that all humans should try their best to do? Has Pink Halo ever sinned?

People should absolutely put the shopping carts back in the caddies, use their blinkers, dispose of cig butts accordingly, and always buy band merch when you can. It’s one of the best ways you can support a band!I think most people have sinned haha. We’re not religious though… are we going to hell? maybe? haha

5. Mustard wonders when and how Pink Halo was formed. Could you more about your origins?

Julian and I started dating in 2017. We both were writing songs in our free time, but we didn’t start making music together until 2020 during the covid lockdown. Julian used one of his stimmies to buy a brand new fender mustang bass, and from there the iconic bass line you hear in ‘beach babe’ was born. We started writing the song, and came to the conclusion we wanted to keep writing music and start putting it out into the world. Both of us have very different musical backgrounds, Julian has played in lots of metal, pop punk, and hardcore bands, and also studied jazz guitar in school. On the other hand, I have a mostly classical music background. I studied vocal performance in college for my music degree and didn’t really start to explore writing my own songs until after that. However, I have always wanted to sing pop music, and perform in a pop band. I grew up singing along to top 40 radio and dancing to my mom’s 80s work out music. 

6. Who or what influences Pink Halo?

When we started writing pink halo songs, we were listening to a lot of pop music like Dua Lipa’s Futurenostalgia, Harry Styles’ Fine Line… The 1975 had just put out an album and they are one of our favorite bands. I am a huge fan of Paramore and Haley Williams had just put out a solo record. So pop music is a big influence for us, and I think a lot of pop musicians are calling back to nostalgic sounds of the 70s and 80s right now, which is something that we’re doing in a lot of the new music we’re writing. We really enjoy music that makes us want to move, and sometimes just makes you want to stop and listen. So writing songs that can make other people do that is important to us.

7. What is Pink Halo’s creative process?

It’s still a work in progress. What usually happens is Julian or I will have an idea – like a chord progression or a bass line, and we’ll begin to build a song around that. Sometimes Julian will demo out an entire instrumental when it comes to him. After that I will usually take that demo and work on getting lyrics down. Sometimes I will have poems written already that I’ll go back to use as inspiration for the lyrics as well. Once we have the demo complete with lyrics, we’ll take that and begin recording a fresh version to build on. Similar to what other artists do when they go to a studio – we just do it ourselves at home. 

8. How has social media helped Pink Halo?

Do you have a preferred platform to post and share your music? Social media is a huge part of the equation if you want to do anything in music now. I think it probably requires just as much effort as the music if i’m being honest. Especially if you’re just a local musician trying to garner a following. It can be tough sometimes. People want more than the music now, they want to know who you are and see beyond the music… I think instagram is the easiest platform for us to connect with fans and other bands. It allows us to convey our personalities and music the best, and create content thats fun and engaging. There have been a lot of bands we’ve met through IG and gone on to play shows with them, so it tends to be our platform of choice, but people can find us on facebook, and tiktok as well. We have a twitter but i don’t think I’ve used it in like two years…

9. 2021 saw the release of your debut single “Beach Babe.” How did this human place of relaxation inspire this single? Are you still waiting on your babe?

Well, I’m definitely not waiting on my babe anymore! haha. Because of quarantine and there being a lack of things to do, I spent a lot of time reminiscing and thinking back to pre-pandemic times. I felt like my mind was finally clear to process and think about feelings and dive into writing music and being creative when the moment hits. When I started writing lyrics to beach babe, i actually drew a lot of influence from feelings I had when Julian and I first started dating. (we’re laughing because i apparently had told him the song wasn’t about him!) 

10. What is Pink Halo’s favorite thing to do at the beach? Do you have a favorite sea creature?

Well, depending where you go in WI some beaches can be pretty gross, so sometimes your only option is to wade knee deep into the water. But if the conditions are good, we like diving right in! Hopefully the beach has an ice cream shop too because we both love a good ice cream cone. Julian’s favorite sea creature is a narwhal, and my favorite sea creature is a shark… I know chances are low, especially when you live in Wisconsin, but I am very scared of getting attacked by one, but I also have this weird fascination with them because they are basically the apex predators of the ocean.

11. You followed up “Beach Babe” with 2022’s Jump In. Do these singles follow the same narrative?

It actually wasn’t intentional, but we realized that both songs do follow the same narrative. They’re both about wanting a connection with someone, just expressed through a different emotional lens. In ‘beach babe’ I’m feeling impatient and maybe a little annoyed, but by the time we get to ‘jump in’ I’m just overjoyed to spend any time with this person and we could literally do nothing and I’d be happy.

12. Pink Halo is tasked to jump into something that brings them joy. What do you jump into?

In winter: probably a big pile of blankets, with our cat, and a hot water bottle.

In Summer: the ocean!

13. A human gets invited to see Pink Halo perform. How would you describe your live performance?

You better bring your dancing shoes!! We like to go for high energy with our full band, and throw in some extra bells and whistles for the live setting. Don’t worry we give you a couple chill songs so you can catch your breath 😉

14. What is next for Pink Halo?

Our third single and music video ‘window’ is coming out on 2/21! The video is actually a lyric video created by our good friend Chris Skinner. He ran with the few ideas we gave him and created a beautiful concept and visual story throughout the video and we can’t wait for people to see it!

15. Where can readers listen to your music?

Our music can be found on all streaming services! We also have music videos on youtube, and you can follow us on all social media platforms @pinkhalomusic


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