Review by: Mr. Substitute

Think about the difference between a diamond and a pearl: both are precious gems that are visually stunning, but only one is carefully cut and shaped before being displayed. The pearl–a perfect one–requires no cutting or shaping of any kind, only displaying for all to see. Long have I known about Simple Minded Symphony’s (SMS) talent, but now under the wings of Ska Punk International, I am beyond stoked to see them shine.

SMS has brought forth a stunning single in “Over It” that has me jumping up and down with excitement. The raw talent and sheer brilliance of SMS is on full display, somehow getting even better than their previously released album (one that is going to be re-released by Ska Punk International on CD). “Over It” is everything you want in a ska song: toe-tapping upstrokes, fun lyrics and a horn section that leaves you constantly saying “Oooo that’s good.” 

BUT WAIT! Do you want to hear “Over It” first? Well Cool Chris has given Music Shelf the privilege of premiering SMS’s latest single on Music Shelf when it comes out on February 28th! And if you don’t follow SMS already on social media, go and do so to stay on top of the latest news on their latest releases! GET EXCITED!!!

Simple Minded Symphony will also begin their road to SPI Fest this weekend. You can check out the tour dates below:

Mar 4 – Berkeley, CA – 924 Gilman
Mar 5 – Modesto, CA – Ralston’s Goat
Mar 6 – Fullerton, CA – Programme
Mar 7 – Tempe, AZ – Yucca Taproom
Mar 10 – SPI Fest – Austin, TX – Flamingo Cantina
Mar 15 – San Jose, CA – The Caravan
Mar 17 – Portland, OR – Atlantis Lounge
Mar 18 – Seattle WA – Conor Bryne


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