Grooblen, known for their musical programming and antics, has taken a detour on their upcoming release “TEAR.” TEAR does not officially release until this Friday March 3rd. Grooblen was gracious enough to allow Music Shelf an early preview.

On this release Grooblen teamed with KC of KDC Guild; an immersive art/music production group. KDC Guild connects musicians, artists, and makers of art and brings all their voices together. Ellie Stokes, writer and lead vocalist of Grooblen, had met KC while she was a volunteer DJ at a community radio station in San Francisco. They met and began talking. Eventually it led to KC provided Ellie with the instrumental for TEAR.

TEAR slightly departures from Grooblen’s signature sound but does not leave completely leave the station. KC created a futuristic Joni Mitchell instrumental that Stokes compliments beautifully. KC had made the instrumental with Ellie in mind and it shows. Grooblen’s signature style remains in Stokes landed on the concept when she was diagnosed with endometriosis and crafted the lyrics of this single during an flare-up.

As a condiment who is fascinated by the human body and how it operates, TEAR is an exploration of it. The human body can heal itself while also giving its human host struggles to overcome. On TEAR, Grooblen works on finding the joy and healing in actions such as dancing and laughing. It is truly remarkable how human bodies operate as they do. While humans have some control, ultimately, they are not the ones writing the manual. During your first listen of this song, wherever you may be, you will find yourself grooving along with Grooblen. But more importantly, TEAR will allow you to reflect on everything your body does.

Mustard is excited to see how TEAR fits into future releases from Grooblen. Will it tie into an overall narrative like Grooblen’s previous work such as “One of Four?” We shall see.

You can find all of Grooblen’s social information here.


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