Mustard had the pleasure of speaking with Boston’s Date Nite. Together we discussed their ideal date night, Applebee’s, their upcoming debut single “Roller Derby Decapitation”, and so much more!

1. Mustard is grateful to have Date Nite join them at Music Shelf. How is everyone? 

As a collective, we’re great because we’re doing this interview right before a Boston show. Additionally thirsty and horny.

2. Mustard wonders did the band meet while on a date night? What is the origin story of Date Nite? 

Joel wrote a bunch of songs in Washington and came to Boston and recruited like a military officer (on instagram) until we had enough members to play shows. Unfortunately there was no date night involved in the story.

3. Would Date Nite concur that Apple Bee’s is considered fancy? Which establishments does Date Nite deem appropriate?

I feel like Applebees is like moderately fancy only because we’re poor. It’s in the same league as Red Robin and Chili’s. Only a little bit more expensive than a post show meal. Shahs Halal, Supreme Pizza, Wendy’s (when they had the 4 for 4) and the free Red Bull trucks are all appropriate.

4. What is essential for a date night with Date Nite?

Home cooked food (questionable quality) extra small condoms, Trader Joe’s Takis and watching other band’s sets on YouTube.

5. Date Nite is a fun-ass band with fun-ass music first. What makes Date Nite’s music fun-ass? 

Max Nunn from Yellow says that the “bah, bah bah” makes the music fun. Additionally our drummer Ben asking the crowd if he can get a “digadigading”.

6. You self-identify as “Boston Police Department’s favorite emo band.” Can you share an experience you’ve had with the Boston PD? (Legally if you cannot, ignore this question)

One of our first shows was at a skate park in Cambridge. We played first and the police shut the show down during the third set because people coming to the show parked in the parking spots that were reserved for the train station workers.

7. Date Nite can be found on Reddit. What is everyone’s favorite subreddit?

Ben: r/reddit5050

Owen: r/mathcore

Joel: r/streetfights

Atticus: r/pittsburgh

8. Who (or what) influences Date Nite?

Origami Angel, Michael Cera Palin, Carly Corsgove, Gay porn stars who are bottoms, Belmont, Chon, Hot Mulligan and the Destiny soundtrack

9. What is Date Nite’s creative process? 

Joel sends song -> Sends to group chat -> Learn song -> Ask why one person didn’t learn the song -> Play at gig

10. What can fans expect from your debut single “Roller Derby Decapitation?” 

“The most song of all time.” – Ben Heck. Joel also says it’s “I… uh… extremely… uh…. fuck”

11. Is decapitation common within the roller derby community? Do you recommend humans still wear a helmet?

People get their heads cut off by rollerblades all the time, I’ve done it myself. If you wear a helmet while doing anything except for snowboarding you’re a follow fool (not true).

12. What is a Date Nite live show like? 

Joel verbally assaults the audience, they verbally assault him back then we have a great time jumping around.

13. Where can readers listen to your music? 

On all platforms starting on March 3rd!

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