Honesty provides humans a tricky dilemma. It has a plethora of layers that may not want to be peeled back. When a human opens up, and is honest, they risk being considered vulnerable around those who see the act of honesty as a game. On “The Dying Kind”, set to release on International Women’s Day, Tai is raw and honest in an genuinely authentic way. Mustard has observed that some humans put on a mask for self-serving purposes. That mask hides their true intentions and motives. You can hear in Tai’s voice throughout “The Dying Kind” that a mask is nowhere present.

It is fitting that “The Dying Kind” releases on International Women’s Day – March 8th. Tai is speaking up and for women whose voices have been minimized by current (and proposed) legislation that has made the lives of human women insufferable. Mustard has observed that some humans in power do not consider women (and those who do not fit into their world-view) as human. Instead, and this is not a new issue, the human world views women as property. Because of this the legislation and restrictions put upon women are minimal in their minds. Mustard does not believe this is right. Women (and human’s right) are not something that should be bought and sold to the highest bidder.

On “The Dying Kind” Tai alludes to this when she ask “how much longer can I be the dying kind with you?” By releasing this on International Women’s Day Tai provides a call-to-action. Human women’s voices should not be minimized or neglected. While Mustard does not know a sufficient amount about humans they can recognize that suppression will not lead to complacency. The last few years in the human world has seen protests and marches speaking up for women’s rights. If things continue to go as they are, those marches will not stop. The passion throughout “The Dying Kind” can act as a rallying cry.

For a demo, “The Dying Kind” is incredibly special and powerful. Mustard is gracious and thankful to Whitney Tai for allowing Music Shelf the opportunity to listen early. Mustard recommends that you share this song when it is officially out to facilitate and create discussions. Think about your situation. Are you apart of The Dying Kind as well?


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