Review by: Gimpleg

Until now, Holy Schnikes has been a ska cover band (plus one original Christmas song), and some of those covers have been really good, but with SPI fest coming up in a few days, Holy Schnikes decided to spring a surprise on everyone and release their first original single!

This song checks in at nearly four minutes, but it fills out those four minutes with several excellent changes and shifts in pace and style. The production is great, the horns, guitar, bass, and drums all get to shine in different parts of this song. Lyrically, this song lambasts the absurd criticism of someone for being basic, and instead professes the narrator’s love for a woman described as basic, and how she is perfect for him. Lyrically, this song is cute and fun, but instrumentally, this song earns many repeat listens just to appreciate all of the different things it does. If this is the direction Holy Schnikes is going, then Basically, I’m in love.


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