Baccuda (featuring Katie Canning) – State of ur life 

Baccuda (along with Katie Canning) have created something remarkable. On the surface, “state of ur life” is a commentary on twenty-somethings trying to navigate the world. The human world Mustard has observed is unforgiving. Adulthood, and by extension, capitalism does not care about your mental or physical well-being. Which sucks as humans should not have to work endlessly just to make ends meet.

Earlier in the year I had the pleasure of speaking with Katie Canning. She shared about “state of ur life” that “Although it has a deep meaning to it it also has a groove that makes you want to get up and dance!!” which is the absolute truth.

“State of ur life” has an excellent modern sound while also being able to transport you back to the 80s. Mustard was shocked to learn that this song is not featured on the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City soundtrack. This song will inspire you to push through those troubling times as an adult while also have you dancing on your local pub’s tables despite receiving a warning from the owner not too.

Baccuda with Katie Canning is a winning combination. Mustard hopes to see them collaborate again in the future.

Booze Radly – Lose, Badly EP

Review by: Gimpleg

Gimpleg reviews, gladly 
Booze Radley’s 
New EP, Lose Badly.
Which starts with a song about a man who badly
Falls in love too madly
With a woman who sadly
Ends up leaving him for a new daddy

But it’s not her fault, because like my rhymes, the guy in the song never evolves and fails to address critical mistakes. 

Honestly the opening track is a pop punk/ emo satire track mocking emo songwriters for the consistent repeated themes of complaining about relationships where they see the toxic partner who never changes, and it’s really well written and fun.

Following this track the rest of the EP is a mix of fast, fun tracks, each being a different genre, with punk influences. The metal elements in “Crash and Burn” are mixed really well with prog rock making for a great song that finished with a well placed sample from British TV show Peep Show. 

Unlearned Sadness is an acoustic, but fast paced punk song that sticks out pretty well from the more hard-core songs on the album, giving another chance to pause and appreciate the talent of Booze Radley.

“Admission of Infirmary” shows off the ability to blend everything into a single track, and do so effectively. The song has post punk, post metal, some scream and sludge, a great instrumental finish, and even throws in a well placed DragonBall sample for good measure. 

In addition to some really good songs on this album, Booze Radley does a great job of showing off their diversity and their use of sampling from other media makes the album very memorable. I look forward to seeing what they do in the future, if they continue to play such a broad diversity in styles, or if they decide to lean in on a few key influences.

Delenn Jadzia – Medusa

Singer, songwriter, and scientist Delenn Jadzia’s newest single “Medusa” is an incredibly well-crafted tale. The Greek mythical figure who is known for turning humans into stone, through Jadzia, gets the chance to show us another side. Jadzia’s Medusa is a tender and acoustic love song. Sometimes with popular figures they have the potential of becoming one-dimensional but Delenn makes sure that does not happen. On this single Medusa falls in love with a blind woman.

Mustard finds this interesting as well because humans can often be blinded by love. Love is as equally powerful as Medusa. The fact that she falls in love with a blind woman creates a fascinating situation.

Mustard hopes that Delenn expands on this narrative to create an EP regarding Medusa. Or with more twists on popular Greek figures.

Maya Clars – “Scared of Nothing”

“Scared of Nothing”, which is a part of Maya Clars recent EP “For Your Dreams”, is a song that will allow humans to confront their fears. Some common human fears are heights, taxes, spiders, and being rejected. Clars provides listeners on this song reassurance that humans have majority control. There are no stockholders to answer to, just themselves. 

Clars vocals are light and pleasing. A human voice worth returning too. “Scared of Nothing” should motivate listeners to conquer their fears and further cement that they have the control. 

Mustard recommends you confront whatever may scare you. Mustard’s human employee has a fear of Spiders (partially due to their venom, they understand how beneficial they are) but this song has motivated them to not see them as frightening. 

Evalina – I Already Told My Mamma What You Did

Humans who have a good relationship with their previous mother in laws: Beware. Evalina has already informed her mamma of what you did. What happened? Evalina leaves as a mystery for listeners to figure out. Whatever it was, Evalina has already changed her Netflix password. 

Mustard hopes that whatever was done did not include murder, arson, transphobia, homophobia, racism, insurance fraud, and a slew of other potential crimes that humans can commit. These things are unforgivable. Breaking hearts, cheating, and being a jerk also is not advisable. With that said, if you do engage in such acts, Mustard looks forward to to Evalina creating a killer song out of the situation.

“I Already Told My Mamma What You Did” is a fun and clever twist on your typical pop-song. Mustard can see this song potentially being apart of a bigger narrative on an EP or album. They look forward to your misfortunes becoming killer tunes created by Evalina.


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