Humans have this incredible ability to self-reflect. Reflection often requires awareness of some sort. Some humans lack this awareness, or purposefully, repress what they may be feeling in order to fabricate the notion that they are “fine.” Mustard believes this is because they are trying to uphold an image they would like to display for society to judge without criticism.

Devəlmāˈker (pronounced devil-may-care) has shared with the world something deeply personal and vulnerable. “Flager Blues” is more than just a well-produced song it is a confession. Not only to the listeners but to Devəlmāˈker themselves. To confess, admit, and be aware of a problem and address it in such a manner is commendable.

The opening line “let me tell you bout’ a feeling” allows listeners to fully engage in Devəlmāˈker’s confession. The song, which opens up, about Devəlmāˈker’s alcoholism feels like a diary entry. Something another human should not read nor share. Yet it is Devəlmāˈker who openly tears away the page and hands it to us.

By releasing “Flagler Blues” Devəlmāˈker is working to fight and find a solution for the problem rather than letting it consume them. Mustard has observed that humans have a lot to deal with. Some of these issues are sometimes not seen. These issues and situations can create stress, anxiety, and depression causing a human’s mental and physical health to be hindered. Just because a human smiles or jumps up in excitement does not mean that they are happy. There are always hidden chapters being written not meant for the public eye. It is important to keep that in mind.

Mustard was floored the first time they listened to “Flager Blues” and believes that you will be too. Devəlmāˈker is creating something special.


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