Eggs on Mars – Warm Breakfast

As a fellow food product it is only right that Mustard indulges on Eggs on Mars’s newest album “Warm Breakfast.” Described by Eggs on Mars in our interview as “ a happy record with sad songs, or maybe a sad record with happy songs.” Mustard agrees with this assessment. Much like a warm breakfast this album will provide comfort for your human ears. Whether you’re having turkey bacon, plant-based eggs, chicken eggs, or a Farmers Hash this album compliments all potential options. 

The sound and style throughout this album makes Mustard feel the human emotion: great. Even though it is a happy record with sad songs or vice versa your human ears will be asking for a second serving. 

Mustard cannot wait to see what else is on the menu with Eggs on Mars. 

Jimmy Barnett – Stargazing Days

Jimmy Barnett’s “Stargazing Days” is an EP that will make you feel warm inside. “Stargazing Days” is like wrapping your ears in your most comfortable blanket, putting your phone on airplane mode, and enjoying the night sky. To be honest, Mustard does not listen to a ton of acoustic music. They heard you need to become truly unplugged to do so. But for Jimmy Barnett they have made an exception. Barnett’s storytelling and vocals throughout the EP can make a gloomy day feel like a perfect 72 degree weather day with no humidity. Much like the night sky you will be wishing that “Stargazing Days” had an extended stay. 

Mustard looks forward to what else Jimmy Barnett has in store. 

Fabulous Fabulist – Life in the Tutorial 

As a condiment, Mustard has never played a video game. But thanks to the newest EP from Fabulous Fabulist’s newest EP “Life in the Tutorial” you don’t need to own a PC or console to enjoy the story that unfolds. Listeners get to experience what life is like in the tutorial. Some humans who play games professionally skip the tutorial. Mustard recommends you do not do that as your human ears will be displeased. 

From the lyrics you can hear the passion that Fabulous Fabulist has for video games. Even if you have only played one game you can pick up and appreciate the lyrics. 

“Life in the Tutorial” is an RPG for your human ears.  The choices you make play a pivotal role. Mustard understands that playlists and shuffling music is popular amongst humans. To fully appreciate the story that unravels on this EP Mustard recommends you listen to it from start to end as it is structured. 

Amy Gabba and the Almost Famous – One of My Mistakes

Review by: Gimpleg

Amy Gabba’s first EP was a group of songs about failed relationships called The Heart Is Stupid. In her first single off the upcoming LP, she is hoping for better results. The lyrics draw parallels with love and crime in a fun, upbeat early 2000s,  Good Charlotte era pop punk/ rock track where the protagonist is welcoming in their alibi as the strive to ensure their partner in crime is not another of their mistakes. Great vocals, catchy rhythms, and excellent drumming really bring this track to the forefront and make me excited to hear what comes next on the upcoming album.

Maxine – 2 Seconds

In the human world of ever-evolving technology Maxine’s newest single “2 seconds” tells a tale of how immediate communication has become. When a human does not receive an immediate response, it can trigger various types of emotional responses Mustard has observed. Paranoia. Stress. Sadness. Anger. Confusion. Humans have adjusted to this and the smallest slight can raise the alarm. 

Maxine explores this in “2 Seconds.” All it takes is two seconds to respond to a text, to say “I Love You”, or potentially goodbye. Those two seconds can feel like a lifetime depending on the situation. “2 Seconds” is such a relatable song that no matter the situation Mustard believes all humans at some point have gone through what Maxine details on her newest single. 

It takes the same amount of time to fall in love or to be heartbroken. It is up to the listener to decide. 

Atlas & Oracle – Fade Away

Review by Gimpleg

Atlas & Oracle really got me swaying with this genre blending synth infused slow jazz/ ska track. The melodies of the smooth jazzy horns had my vibing while they sang about self medicating. While at first it felt like they were singing about drinking away your problems, messages like “wondering if I left myself behind, maybe that’s the reason I’m in such malaise” and “wondering if anyone has found freedom this way” make you realize the song isn’t glorifying drinking your problems away, rather it is a cautionary tale. After the next chorus, when you really have the vibe of the song, the horn drops out  the rhythm shifts slightly, and Common Sense Kid comes in with his own rapped verse with the same themes, personalized to a new narrator’s experiences. I can’t believe how well this flows with the same song. Atlas and Oracle nailed this track.

Devon Kay & The Solutions – Pump Fake

Review by Gimpleg

Devon Kay & the Solutions have long been a horn heavy ska adjacent indie punk band, but they had curiously avoided playing ska music. This week, Devon decided the solution was to throw away the adjacency and released the first ska track off of their upcoming ska project on Bad Time Records… and damn this song rips. 

My first thought on the intro was Weezer and the intro to the Sweater song- or at least the conversation- except this time it’s at a high school reunion instead of a high school party. The music kind of has a  Less Than Jake feel if I had to find a comparison, really it just sounds like DK&S wrote a really good ska song.  One line from the lyrics reminded me of Blink 182’s “Rock Show”, only much more mature. “17 without a purpose or direction/ We don’t owe anyone a fucking explanation” has aged to “35 without a purpose or direction/ I think I owe everyone a fucking explanation”. The song just has a general theme of struggling to succeed in life as a musician- being great at what you do while society keeps making it harder and less viable as a career. I think a lot of fans will love this song, and a lot of musicians will relate too well.


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