Mustard had the pleasure of speaking again with J0VANNA. Together we discussed their recent birthday, their newest single “Stupid Face”, and so much more!

1. Mustard is grateful to be joined again by J0VANNA. How are you doing today?

I’m really excited to speak with you again, Mustard! I’m doing fantastic! I just had a birthday earlier this week, and now I’m celebrating the release of Stupid Face. This week has been jam-packed with festivities.

2. The last we spoke you were studying music business and songwriting. How has what you learned prepared you for your upcoming release?

What I’ve learned at Berklee has been tremendously helpful in terms of preparing for releases. I am now very familiar with the steps that need to be taken in order to release, publish, copyright, market, and handle PR for my music.  My studies also fuel my creativity when it comes to songwriting. I have learned tools to make my songs more relatable and, above all, catchy. 

3. At twenty-one real life had begun. You are now twenty-two. What is something about adulthood that has surprised you?

I’m twenty-three, twenty-three, twenty-three. (lol). Well, so far being twenty-three isn’t so bad. What has surprised me in the last couple of years of adulthood is that I have become more self-sufficient. I’ve learned how to do things on my own and I feel that I now need less hand-holding.

4. Can a human solve all of their problems with a Publix deli sub?

Yes, a Pub-Sub can definitely solve everyone’s problems, but it must have all the right ingredients to do so. For me, it’s the Italian sub that does it.

5. What can fans expect from your upcoming single “Stupid Face?”

I think fans can expect Stupid Face to be quirky, catchy, and just plain fun. 

6. “Stupid Face” is your most light-hearted and quirky single so far. Are these attributes you look for in another human?

Yes, these are definitely attributes I look for in another person. I need someone who is going to keep it light and fun, but they also have to be motivated, grounded, and most importantly, authentic.

7. Mustard has observed that some humans do not enjoy being silly as they fear how they may be perceived. Do perceptions or judgments from others matter to you at all?

Yes and no. I do care very much about how the people close to me perceive me. But at the same time, I’ve learned how to just be me with all my quirks, and issues. And I express myself through my music with the understanding that everyone is different and will have their own opinions or views. I try to not let it affect me much because I understand that music is subjective and that not everyone has to be a fan.

8. Was “Stupid Face” inspired by your special someone?

Yes, the special someone that inspired me to write Stupid Face was my boyfriend. He brings out the silliness in me and allows me to be myself.

9. What are some silly activities that you recommend all humans take part in?

My favorite- making silly faces, playing sims, telling jokes, and making people laugh so hard they’re ready to pee their pants, dance in the rain, and sing in the middle of a crowd just because why not?

10. Where can fans listen to your music?

Fans can listen to my songs on any music streaming service. They can also go to my website


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