As a condiment that runs a music website they try to remain neutral when it comes to covering artists. Not many condiments are within the field of journalism so they try to remain impartial. With that said, Mustard is beyond elated about Grooblen’s newest single “Gastropod.” It is no secret that Mustard (and their human employee) are massive Grooblen fans.

Grooblen is joined again by visionary director Jozie Zamjahn. They previously worked together on Grooblen’s “Escher Girl” music video. Zamjahn and Grooblen make an incredible pair. From both these videos it is clear that Jozie truly understands Grooblen. The video for “Gastropod” is not only punk as heck it elevates the usually scheduled shenanigans that come with a Grooblen track.

Grooblen has been on the bill with more punk acts. In an interview with Psyched Radio San Francisco Grooblen mentioned how their future tracks will have more of a punk edge. “Gastropod” is our first sign of that. Grooblen has the ability to shapeshift into different genres while still keeping their signature psych-dreampop sound. They are truly versatile and seeing them venture into a more punk sound has Mustard elated.

Mustard looks forward to see how “Gastropod” fits into whatever Grooblen has planned next.


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