Mr. Substitute’s Recommendations:

MF DOOM– What’s interesting is that I can remember exactly where I was and which song, even the verse that had me instantly enamored with DOOM. Since then, I have listened to anything the late great Daniel Dumile had his metal finger on. DOOM’s lyrics are extraterrestrial. His music production is impeccable. His concepts are genius. And now that I have a turntable, I have been scooping up any vinyl I can find. My local record shop will literally DM me whenever he gets DOOM in because he knows I will stop what I’m doing and head over to buy it. My most recent purchase was Mm…Food and I’ve been listening to the B side of the bubblegum pink second vinyl ad nauseum. And to me what makes a great artist is being able to repeatedly find hidden gems throughout their discography, something that constantly happens whenever I listened to DOOM.

100 Gecs– hahahahahaha haaaaaaaahahahahaha oh man… HAAHAHAAHAHAHAHA this album. 10,000 Gecs is something else. I posted that I never listened to any number of Gecs but in retrospect I think I have through Eichlers 10 Good Songs podcast. Regardless, WHAT IN THE WORLD?!?! I admit that I can get a bit obsessive with new music that I find about, and this album is absolutely no exception because I’ve legitimately listened to it at least twice a day since it came out. I know Mustard and I are very keen on this album and it’s already arguably my AOTY.

Bon Iver– I feel like every month I’ve thrown in something that I’ve been falling asleep to and Bon Iver are at the top of my “Sleep Time” playlist with a few tracks like “Skinny Love” and “Re: Stacks.” I’ve always loved their sound, how easy it is to listen to and their first album “For Emma, Forever Ago” was something that I listened to when it came out in 2007 and now it’s coming back into my life whispering me to sleep. With that said, I’ve seen them on very large fest lineups and I’ve always wondered what it would be like at a Bon Iver show: do you kind of just vibe out, or are there people dancing? Is there like a general sway amongst the crowd? How does that go?

Gimpleg Recommendations:

Suicide Machines– Destruction By Definition. Suicide Machines 1996 debut album will always be one of the greatest ska punk/ skacore albums of all time. As I was reviewing several upcoming skacore albums, I went back to listen to some of the earlier skacore albums that helped shape the genre, and I remembered exactly how much I love this album. Just incredibly catchy ska tunes with great punk influences that I still remember all the words to over 25 years later. Songs like Break the Glass, S.O.S., and Hey have held up well and still hype me up and make me sing along.

Algiers– Algiers was a band I just discovered this month, and I don’t recall how they became recommended to me. Regardless, I gave them a listen and then kept listening. Experimental, electronic, and post-punk are not normally genres that keep me listening, but this is definitely an exception. Their 2020 album ‘There Is No Year” oddly just predated the pandemic and the lockdowns, yet somehow seems like it was written as a reflection of these events. Their newest album, which came out a little over a month ago, is 17 tracks, most of which feature different artists, including the first single which featured Zack De La Rocha. While collaboration between artists is nothing new, it is definitely one thing I’ve grown to love in modern music- people coming together to share a voice and a message.

Of course I wanted to talk about the 100 Gecs album, but I knew Mustard and Mr Substitute were on top of that, everyone should be. So instead I chose a different artist that I’ve been listening to this month.

Afroman– When the police raided Afroman’s house last year, breaking his gate and kicking in his door on a bogus search warrant for kidnapping and narcotics trafficking, he used the opportunity to write some songs describing the experience. Some were pretty good, some were pretty funny (Lemon Poundcake). However, after a few weeks I forgot about the songs and moved on. However, 7 members of the sheriff’s department have now sued him in a SLAPP lawsuit- an effort to prevent Afroman from exercising his first amendment right to record and discuss and report on government activity. This lawsuit made me revisit those songs and gave me a newfound appreciation for them. In addition, it highlighted several issues with this case, such as the $400 that went missing in the evidence room, and the questionable nature of illegally using an anonymous tip to get a warrant without additional evidence.

JustSomeMustard Recommendations 

Common Sense Kid – Common Sense Kid was craiguous enough to send Mustard an early listen of their debut album “A For Effort, E For Attainment.” It is safe to say since then that Mustard has listened to the album every day since Craig sent it to Mustard. From the opening track Mustard knew that they were going to love the album. Before Mustard was done with the third song Mustard messaged CSK hoping for an eventual vinyl release. Thankfully Chris obliged and CSK’s debut album can be purchased on vinyl. It is hard to choose a favorite song off the album. Collectively it is so well put together. Craig does such as a wonderful job of blending real-world issues (that humans in power should really give more a darn about) with his sense of humor.

100 Gecs – Like Eli Mustard was also transfixed on 100 Gecs this month. “10,000 Gecs” is exactly the type of silly and nonsensical music that Mustard loves. Thanks to a recommendation from the hyperska superstar Eichlers on Twitter Mustard decided to check the album out. They are so glad they did. If Mustard was serious about becoming a musician, this is the type of music they would love to make. While neither are connected to each other, Mustard treats “Frog on the Floor” as the prologue to Aesop Rock’s “Long Legged Larry.” Listen to both of those tracks back to back and tell Mustard there is nothing there. “Doritos and Fritos” may as well be a song of temptation. Mustard’s human employee eats pretty healthy. This song makes them want to purchase bundles of both Doritos and Fritos. The whole album provides a fun experience that you want to revisit 

Atmosphere – Atmosphere (Slug and Ant) is a duo that Mustard has been listening to for quite some time. While Mustard has never personally met Atmosphere their music has been with this condiment through the highs and lows. Slug is an incredible wordsmith and allows you to really reflect. Back when Mustard was an angsty and developing condiment Atmosphere (along with Sage Francis) may as well have been speaking gospel. Their philopshy and worldview really helped Mustard into the condiment they are now. Nonetheless, in May, Atmosphere will be releasing their newest album “So Many Other Realities Exist Simultaneously.” The singles that have been released has Mustard elated about the whole project. 


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