As a condiment who was born from a recipe Mustard revels when music also comes with instructions. Veacock has made it clear that this song is best enjoyed for a rainy afternoon. Following the success of her January single ‘The Things That You Tell Her’ Daisy Veacock has returned with her newest single “For A Rainy Afternoon.”

“For A Rainy Afternoon” is an absolute delight. Its composition; featuring sweet swings and a clarinet solo from her dad provide your ears a welcoming comfort. If you are unable to make your favorite cup of tea or find a blanket this song is the perfect substitute. The clarinet performance from her dad helps elevate the story Daisy tells. It creates and adds a whimsical element to the song that is playful and assuring. Veacock is an exceptional storyteller who has an incredible ability to fully engage listeners. Mustard wonders if this single could perhaps lead to a bigger project later on? They certainly hope so.

Daisy draws inspirations from iconic British voices such as Amy Winehouse, Lily Allen, and Kate Nash. “For a Rainy Afternoon” is another authentic addition to Daisy’s collection that can be enjoyed no matter the weather. If you do get the chance though, do listen to this on a rainy afternoon with your favorite cup of tea. In fact, Mustard recommends you add this song to your rainy-day playlists wherever you listen to music.

For Fans of : Lily Allen, Amy Winehouse, Maisie Peters, and Kate Nash


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