The renowned Native American rock band, Blue Mountain Tribe, who have been making music for over a decade, will be performing at this year’s “Gathering of Nations” event on April 28th. The event takes place at the Powwow Grounds in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Blue Mountain Tribe blends traditional Native American music with a contemporary rock and roll sound. Their sound is rooted in tradition while also being modern. Mustard appreciates how effortlessly they do this.

Lead singer, Robin Hairston, remarked: “We are honored to be a part of this incredible event.” He continued by saying: “The Gathering of Nations is a place where Native Americans can come together to celebrate our heritage and culture. We are proud to be a part of that.”

For those who have not had the pleasure to attend; The Gathering of the Nations is an annual event that celebrates Native American culture and heritage. Attendees can expect to find traditional dance competitions, drum contests, and more cultural events to take place.

The Gathering of Nations is the world’s lowest powwow and draws more than 100,000 humans from all over the world.

You can find more information about this event and Blue Mountain Tribe you can visit:


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