Mustard had the pleasure of speaking with Uncle Emmington! Together we discussed uncles, their relationship with music, their upcoming single “No Cowboys are Coming”, and so much more!

1. Mustard is grateful to have you join them at Music Shelf. How are you doing today?

Hi Mustard! I’m so excited and honored to be joining you at Music Shelf! I’m doing okay today, other than being super stressed about my finals.

2. Mustard has observed that many uncles can be found throughout pop culture and entertainment. Did any of these uncles, such as Uncle Jesse, inspire your artist name?

As much as I’m a fan of Uncle Jesse, my artist name comes from my brother and one of my best friends! They were joking around about fake long-forms of nicknames (like Micycle for Mike and Bobert for Bob), so Em became Emmington. My brother tacked Uncle to the beginning of it (he later told me it was a reference to a joke made in a playthrough of the Polar Express video game?) and thus, Uncle Emmington was born!

3. What was your relationship with music growing up?

I’ve always loved music! Ever since I was little I would always jump at the chance to grab a microphone and sing my heart out, even though I wasn’t any good until much later. Taking piano lessons definitely helped me develop my ear, and I enjoyed being in school choir on-and-off from elementary to my freshman year of high school. My parents have always had really great and varied taste in music, so a lot of what I still love listening to today comes from them.

4. Before falling in love with the guitar and ukulele you studied piano and flute. How do you balance being a multi-instrumentalist? What sets the guitar and ukulele apart?

Like I mentioned, playing piano was really instrumental (haha) in helping me develop a musical ear, and I really enjoyed playing flute in middle school band. I don’t play much piano anymore, and I haven’t touched a flute since I was 13, but I’d honestly love to get back into them and maybe even learn some new instruments! There’s just something I love about guitar and ukulele, though. I took to them easily, and I just feel the act of strumming and singing to be fun, cathartic, and the best way to express my song ideas!

5. According to a recent tweet of yours that you weren’t given a name until you were born so your parents called you Hoobastank in the womb. Do you have a favorite Hoobastank song?

I’m going to have to be extremely basic and say that my favorite Hoobastank song is The Reason. It’s a certified bop (and only one year younger than I am)!

6. Mustard loves how much you support the independent music community. When did you first begin hyping and supporting the indie music scene?

Thank you so much! I guess it happened around the time I started sharing music myself, back in 2020 with the release of my first EP “Unoriginal”. I love meeting new people and making connections with all the amazing and talented folks in both my local and online music scenes, and I’m also a big believer in karma. I think that music is a beautiful thing that should be shared in communities that support each other, and I don’t think I can expect the kindness and support of others if I don’t freely give it myself!

7. One artist that you have developed a relationship with is Pacing. Can you recall the first Pacing song you heard? Are there any plans for a future collaboration with Pacing?

Pacing is amazing! I discovered her on TikTok, and I think the first song I heard from her was either “Air Freshener Vampires!” or “Who has ADHD now lol” (my memory is terrible, but both songs are bangers that your readers should check out!). There’s nothing in the works right now, but I definitely would love to work with her!

8. You were recently announced to be a part of Moth and Giraffes’s Charitindie event. How does it feel to be included with artists such as Pacing, Copeland James, and Bri Carmel? What can fans expect from your performance?

I’m so honored and excited to be a part of the first Charitindie stream! I have such a deep respect for all the artists on the bill, and really commend Teri of Moths and Giraffes and Cayt W for setting the whole thing up! In my set, I’m sharing some tunes from my last album, and some unreleased songs. One of the songs hasn’t even been finished yet!

9. Last year saw the release of your debut album “Alphabet Soup.” What was it like to put this album together? What words do you like you make in your soup?

It was such an amazing process! I recorded it at the studio Dauphin Street Sound. The sound engineer I worked with is Ryan Avinger, who recorded, mixed, and mastered it all! He’s so brilliant and lovely, and it’s always so great to work with him. I was also super lucky to have my friend Joseph Guarisco play violin on five tracks! As much as I’ve loved eating alphabet soup since I was little (shoutout Martha Speaks!), I think getting the “you” for my album cover was the first time I’ve deliberately spelled something in my soup.

10. What makes a good soap? Why are the others not good enough?

I think the best soaps are ones that are made from little molds into fun shapes. My mom is the craftiest person I know, and she makes a lot of cute soaps, such as the candy heart ones she made for Valentine’s Day! Other soaps just can’t compete, to be honest.

11. Have you received any updates about when the cowboys are coming?

I don’t think the cowboys are coming, after all. Guess I’ve got to make do!

12. April 12th will see the release of a music video for “No Cowboys are Coming.” Could you share any details about the music video?

I’m so excited to share my song “No Cowboys Are Coming” as a single with a music video! It’s being released on Friday, May 12th, and it’s a fun little pastiche of silent films. I play both the damsel in distress and the cowboy who isn’t coming, and I edited the music video as well! Filming it wouldn’t have been possible without both my mom and my best friend in the world, who did my hair and makeup! I also want to thank the Foley Railroad Museum for not kicking us from the property while we filmed.

13. What is next for Uncle Emmington?

I have a new EP in the works that I’m so, so excited about! It’s going to have songs with much fuller sounds compared to anything I’ve released before. I don’t have a release date yet, but I’m hoping to release it before August!

14. Where can readers listen to your music?

Readers can listen to my music on all major streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, YouTube, etc.). Just look up “Uncle Emmington”!


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