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Mustard had the pleasure of speaking with Julez and the Rollerz. Together we discussed proper skating etiquette, influences, their upcoming single “Wildest Fantasy”, and so much more!

1. Mustard is grateful to have Julez and the Rollerz join them at Music Shelf. How is everyone doing today? 

We are grateful to talk with you! Doing absolutely fantastic! Just adopted a kitten this past week, so can’t complain!

2. Julez and the Rollerz are a pocket full of surprises. How many surprises are in your pocket? 

Way too many surprises, at least I think! At least this past month, where we’ve had about 5 different surprise announcements to share. So I’d say about a solid 10 surprises currently in our pocket. Yeah, let’s go with that.

3. Julez and the Rollerz originally began as a solo project. Could you share how you assembled your skaters? 

The project started off just as ‘Julez’ back in NYC in 2017, and went through a few lineup changes while I was living there. Then I moved to Los Angeles in 2018, met a band I played with for about a year until the pandemic hit, found another new bassist Rachel in late 2019 who jammed with us on a few shows before shit hit the fan, then she officially joined the band. Soon after we changed the name from Julez to a more inclusive Julez and the Rollerz since we were very into roller skating around that time. At the end of 2021 we put together a lineup of all women, played our first show as this line up and since the pandemic had started in March 2022, and the rest was history!

4. What are some essential skate spots in Los Angeles? 

Started off skating at Moonlight Roller way in Glendale, which appears to be one of, if not the only place to skate left in Los Angeles which is sad. I haven’t been there in a couple of years, and mainly skate when I’m not busy, by the beach in Santa Monica, tennis courts in Echo Park or near me in West Hollywood, or sometimes a skate park at Venice Beach!

Photo by: Candace Whalen

5. As a condiment Mustard has never skated before. What is some proper skating etiquette that everyone should know? 

Skating etiquette….hmmm… I’m not amazing at skating, I can skate backwards but not around a lot of people moving really fast so I might be a bit biased on what I consider to be etiquette. From my perspective, I think encouraging skaters of all levels to feel comfortable enough to try new things even around a lot of pros who are skating with confidence. However, I think everyone can agree, that coming to a dead stop and skating in a different direction at a rink (indoor or outdoor) is NOT proper etiquette. 

6. Does Julez and the Rollerz wear the proper safety equipment such as helmets and knee pads? 

I at least used to…but as much as I should be. (sorry mom if you’re reading this)

7. Who (or what) influences Julez and the Rollerz? 

What has been influencing Julez and the Rollerz the most these days are the amazing musicians and DIY music community here in Los Angeles. I’ve learned a lot from so many bands and musicians who have been doing the music industry ‘grind’ for much longer than I have been, or who are more successful than we currently are. This community and scene inspires and influences me to keep going. Every day. 

8. What is Julez and the Rollerz creative process? 

Very scattered ! It could either start with a voice memo, it can start with a jam or riff on the guitar…one thing that has always remained consistent for me is the lyrics coming at the end. Should probably switch that up in the future though!

9. Have Julez and the Rollerz since gone back to first street? Could you share more about this release? 

Haha, SO First street is the street in NJ I grew up on and moved out of in 2007! I have definitely been back to First street, driving past nostalgically a bunch, and my sister even wrote the new owners of our old house a letter a while back, and they wrote her back. This release was my first album and the introduction has a solo artist called ‘Julez’. I recorded it at SUNY Purchase with a bunch of friends after I had already recently graduated from there in 2017. I had a bunch of songs I had written alone in my bedroom over a few years and just wanted to get them out as soon as possible! I picked that name because First street is where I grew up singing and got my first guitar etc. Sentimental album, but my songwriting has definitely changed since!

10. Julez and the Rollerz can see right through us. How did the band develop this ability?

That’s a secret! We can’t give that away! Weed?

11. Since its release has Julez and the Rollerz made a new connection? 

So many new connections! Especially since moving to Los Angeles in 2018 when we first released the song. I’d say in 2022 we really made lots of new connections that changed our lives for the better and we wouldn’t have it any other way! Love this music community so much. 

12. Mustard’s human employee feels insecure sometimes. What causes a human to feel this way? What are some ways humans can overcome this feeling? 

Listen Mustard….we live in a “society”. That’s all I can say. Sometimes I have to take a few deep breaths and remind myself that nothing is that deep. People don’t look at you the way you look at yourself. Everyone is self absorbed and mainly worried about themselves. Sometimes it helps, sometimes I’m crying because I’m hormonal. It varies!

13. This insecurity can sometimes lead humans to feeling like they are a waste of time. Do these songs have a shared narrative? 

Absolutely! I feel like a waste of time most of the time, and sometimes writing about it is the only way for me to realize that I’m not! So lots of the songs I write for this project end up sharing similar narratives for that reason. 

14. February saw the release of your newest single “Be Something New.” Could you tell us more about this single? 

I wrote ‘Be Something New’ a couple of years ago, in the depths of lockdown. To entertain myself, all I did was take the same scenic drives around Los Angeles, order food from the same places every day, watch T.V., continue writing the same song, then sh*t, sleep, repeat. Honestly though, I still do all of this, and probably always did. I’m a huge creature of habit, and I wrote the song because I’m so bored of myself and my routines and feel the need to switch it up. I wanna be something new!

15. Julez and the Rollerz get the chance to become something new. What does the band become? 

Julez and the Rollerz will probably change our name one day, otherwise I’m not sure what we will become! Everyone is just along for the ride!

16. What is next for Julez and the Rollerz?

Lots of things! Our EP, Is This Where The Party Is? comes out on May 19th, we have an EP release show at Non Plus Ultra, and we may or may not be going on a little tour soon as well! Hoping to actually sit down and write an album with the current band lineup, tour more, and see where it all goes!

17. Does Julez and the Rollerz have any upcoming shows? 

Yes! Our EP release show on May 19th at Non Plus Ultra with our friends Foxx Bodies and Buckets! Plus some shows outside of Los Angeles in June that we are super stoked on (but not announcing quite yet).

18. Where can readers listen to your music? 

Everywhere! On all of the things! Spotify, Bandcamp, Apple, Deezer (whatever that is), Youtube…..all of that good stuff that our distributor has sent our music to!


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