Humans have the ability to dream. These dreams can create situations or fantasies that seem unattainable. That does not mean though you should not try to capture or chase after those dreams. As a condiment bottle Mustard is envious of this. But they are also so pleased to see (or hear) humans who chase those dreams and turn them into reality. That is what Julez and The Rollerz do on their newest single “Wildest Fantasy.”

“Wildest Fantasy” from Julez and the Rollerz is garage rock that should be blasted throughout the day and night. Just finished your suburban TV dinner? Blast this song. Your mom won’t let you go see your friends? Blast this song. Did the cute human next door “forget” his shirt at your place? Blast this song and then go return it. If you receive a violation from your Homeowners Association for helping inspire your neighbors and fellow humans – heck it!

Whatever your dream may be Mustard recommends you go after it. Humans such as yourselves work everyday for a paycheck that gets consumed by bills and other life events. You should work towards something that will genuinely bring you joy. This may be scary but Mustard believes it is worth trying. Julez and The Rollerz ask some important questions on this track: “Is this where the party is? In the depths of hell, where all my dreams like to thrive?” It may not seem possible now but Mustard knows you can lift your dreams out from the depths of hell.

This is the third and final single off Julez and The Rollerz off their upcoming EP ‘Is This Where The Party Is’ which is out on all platforms on May 19th.

You can pre-order “Is This Where The Party Is” on Bandcamp here.

Mustard Recommends Julez and The Rollerz for fans of: Ex Hex, Death Valley Girls, and Mitski


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