The lead-up to the release of Kansas City’s True Lions and Fritz Hutchison Split Album Today has been exciting. Released by Manor Records via Bandcamp this tape creates an interesting dynamic that human listeners of independent musicians will appreciate. On the True Lions side of the tape, they have adapted poems that are “near and dear” to the indie outlet. As a condiment bottle whose human employee used to write and perform poetry they appreciate seeing the works of poets such as Patricia Lockwood, T.S Leonard, and Eileen Myles reinterpreted this way.

When speaking with Girl Underground Music, Hawkins, of True Lions shared that:

““I composed ‘Fake Tears’ during a School of Song course led by El Kempner (Palehound), where I was experimenting with writing music to lyrics written by my favorite poets.”

True Lions add another layer to these poets work elevating them to new heights. Mustard hopes this tape will spark curious minds and have listeners seek out other works from these poets along with True Lions older discography.

On the other side of the tape is Fritz Hutchinson. Hutchison, in an interview with 909 News, noted that ““I don’t consider myself a country or folk artist but it’s a core ingredient in my musical DNA, and I hoped to gain a deeper understanding of it through this project.” Leading up to this release Hutchison released “Little Referee” which he considers a “genre exercise in country music” in that same article with 909 news. Little Referee examines how children view who their parents used to be. This is an interesting lens for a song as Mustard remembers imaging his father Grey Poupon as a larger than life figure.

This is an exciting release that deserves to be appreciated on cassette. It highlights the strengths of each artist. Mustard looks forward to future releases from True Lions, Fritz Hutchison, and Manor Records.

You can order the tape via Bandcamp and find it on all streaming platforms.


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