Fade Away, the first collab between Common Sense Kid and ska-pop collective Atlas & Oracle, lies somewhere between the electronic-inspired ska punk of CSK and the ethereal ska-inspired pop of Atlas & Oracle. The second installment in a series of collab tracks, this project seeks to establish “pop ska” as its own genre distinct from the styles of either collaborator.

The music video was shot inside the house of an undisclosed friend of the band, making this the first A&O music video to be shot entirely indoors. The video features clips of CSK as he raps along to his verse, while one man’s struggle with alcohol over-consumption leads him on an increasingly bizarre journey.

The psychedelic aesthetic of the video vibes well with the dream-pop and Neo-psych vibes of the song, as well as continuing the theme of green screen usage and overall goofiness that bring A&O’s latest music videos together. 

Quote from Atlas:

“Every time we get together to shoot a music video, it’s a completely unique experience. We’re always laughing and having a good time, but we also put in the work and do our best to make it a product we’ll enjoy watching. Coming from zero editing experience to our most recent videos has been such a fun journey, and there’s more to come!!”


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