Mustard had the pleasure of speaking again with Sarah Yagki. This conversation marks the first ever third interview with an artist. Together we discussed Sarah’s recent EP “I Love You, I Lied”, their cat Red Bull, their starter Pokemon, their upcoming single “Alone”, and so much more!

1. Mustard is elated to announce you are our first ever third time guest at Music Shelf. How are you doing today?
AHHH I am honoured! You just can’t get rid of me 😊

I’m doing great! Been busy but everything’s moving smoothly at the moment!

2. The last time we spoke you had just released your EP “I Love You, I Lied.” How does it feel to finally have this EP out in the world?

It feels like I can move into new territory with my music and that EP set the benchmark of what is to come! It was an incredible vulnerable release, and for me the EP sets the mark between what was and what is to come in my music.

3. “I Love You, I Lied” has received acclaim from multiple outlets. Do you have the opportunity to read or listen to every review? How do you handle praise or criticism?

I read and listen to every single one! The response from the release was incredible, and I’m thankful for yourself Mustard and other outlets that got across it.

I still am quite unsure how to handle praise – I’m grateful for it but I have a mindset which constantly pushes me to be better and do more. I definitely need to have more time to reflect on my achievements and the praise helps me do so.

Criticism that is constructive I love. I want to understand different views and mindsets over my art, and it helps me create a well-rounded idea over how my music is being received!

4. A human tags along with you at the gym. What kind of workout are you doing?

We’d start with 5-10min on a cardio machine, then move to a super-set of either legs, upper body, or full body. From there, we’d finish off with some abdominal exercises, and hopefully some stretches! (I always forget to stretch)

5. Has Red Bull reached out to you for a potential partnership? How did this energy drink inspire the name of your cat?

They have not BUT there is still time! The energy drink inspired the name because I am slightly addicted to the drink – I don’t drink coffee so I am stuck with energy drinks!

However, when I first got my cat I was deciding on the name and we noticed a quality about him.

He got super energetic, crazy, and then suddenly – straight to sleep.

Thus, he was named – Redbull.

6. Can listeners expect a song about your cat in the future?

Maybe!! Honestly, I’d love to accidentally record him making a noise and just subtly drop that in a track as an Easter Egg.

7. Mustard has observed that you put on what looks to be a “bonzer” of a show. Do you have a pre-show routine? How much of what happens in rehearsal makes it onto the actual show?

I do have a pre-show routine – for launches, I hide. Yes, I did say that correctly ahaha. I like to have the space to be in my own world before shows, centre myself, get makeup ready, and also add an element of surprise.

For general shows, I’m there watching all the supports, drinking lots of water on the day and sticking with my band as they calm down any and all nerves for me!

Rehearsals are incredibly vital for the shows, and the band is awesome with just practising again and again to make everything tighter. A lot of what happens at rehearsal goes in, but surprise drum chops, and some cool epic guitar solos are definitely happening in the moment on the night!

8. You recently announced your follow up single to “I Love You, I Lied” called “Alone.” What can fans expect from this single?

A friend of mine and artist who goes under “Jnr.” said to me that he is more of an ‘Era’s’ artist, and I totally get that.

I think this enters a new era for Sarah Yagki – the same feel that you have been use to for my sound previously, but growing on something more cinematic, epic, and vulnerable.

9. Does a listener need to be alone to listen to this upcoming single?

The listener doesn’t need to be alone, but more so, can enter the world I create in the song alone!

10. Mustard noticed you have a Pikachu tattoo. What does Pikachu mean to you?

I got a plush Pikachu from pretty much birth, and a few years ago sadly it had been chucked out by someone cruelly. So, I got the tattoo on me as it represents my childhood, and also my siblings as they love it too.

11. When playing Pokémon what is your starter type?

Fire!! Always matching the red hair aha!

12. Can readers pre-save your upcoming single “Alone?”

Yes and the link is here:

13. Can readers still find your music on all streaming platforms? Do you have a preferred platform?

Yes, they can and Spotify is my preference BUT there is a music video coming and it’s epic so check out YouTube once it’s out!


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