Mustard wonders: is there nothing that Dullan cannot do? The British songwriter, guitarist, and multi-instrumentalist’s upcoming single “The Sun Is On Its Way” is one of his best. Dullan, who was recently followed by The Beach Boys on TikTok, continues to sharpen his style that blends jazz, folk, pop, and funk. Like a chameleon Dullan is able to blend into any genre without it hampering his signature style.

“The Sun Is On Its Way” highlights Dullan’s visual storytelling. Dullan, who is also an independent filmmaker, has created a song that is worthy of creating exceptional art throughout social media platforms such as TikTok. There is currently a Wes Anderson trend happening on the platform. This song, along with Dullan’s previous work, fits masterfully into the worlds that Anderson builds. But more importantly; Dullan is crafting his own individual stories that would make excellent short films, novels, and plays.

Mustard hopes to see creators on the platform use this song to reflect on their past in unique ways. Every TikTok creator, such as Dullan, hopes to have one of their songs become a trending sound so it reaches a bigger audience. Mustard believes “The Sun Is On Its Way” has that potential.

You can pre-save the single in the “New Releases” section on our website.

Mustard recommends Dullan for fans of: The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Josh Dare.


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