Mustard had the pleasure of speaking again with Alexa Cappelli. Together we discussed matcha, performing at home, her latest single “Someone Better”, new music being on the way, and so much more!

1. Mustard is grateful to have you join them again at Music Shelf. How are you doing today?

I’m doing so well! Sipping on a matcha latte at the moment and couldn’t be better.

2. Before we begin Mustard must know: have you had your matcha today?

LOL I didn’t see this question before answering the first question!!! 

3. Matcha is Mustard’s human employee’s drink of choice. What is your go-to matcha order? What are some of the benefits of matcha?

I started drinking matcha after going to coffee shops with friends for years and only ordering tea. I asked a barista what I could get if I didn’t want as much caffeine as a coffee, and I’ve loved matcha ever sense.  

4. The last time we spoke you had just signed with Arista Records. What has it been like to work with them? Does it still feel surreal?

It is great to have a large team of people behind my project, and definitely a shift from doing everything myself. Arista and mutuals, my management team, are the best! 

5. Earlier this year you performed at iHeartRadio’s “Dunkin Latte Lounge.” Could you dip more into this performance?

I was soooooo excited to perform there, where so many amazing artists have performed before as well. I sang three fan favorites of mine, “Whiplash”, “The Fence”, and “Could’ve Just Left Me Alone”. Danielle asked brilliant questions and I loved getting to meet new people!!

6. When we last spoke you were on the heels of releasing “Temporary.” What was the inspiration behind this single?

Temporary is a song that I needed when I was getting over someone I had to let go of. It was the song that got me smiling again, without completely overlooking the pain I was feeling. I’ve felt so supported by the response to it too, so many people can resonate. 

7. On that track you ask “what is love if it is temporary?” Have you received an answer to your question?

What I know about love is that it is truest when it is unconditional, selfless, and timeless. For me, I have a hard time enjoying the present moment with someone if I know we don’t fit in the future. I’ll let you answer that question…

8. You followed up “temporary” with “Lose Lose” which is about a breakup with a friend. What are some signs that a human may be in a toxic relationship?

Mustard, I’ll give you a scenario. Not sure how close you are with Ketchup, but if all they ever talk about is drama with Mayo, and Buffalo, and Barbeque, and every other condiment they meet… they probably talk about you too. Out of all the drama, Ketchup may be the common thread. Does Ketchup ever reach out without complaining? Does Ketchup ever listen without arguing? Nobody (or condiment) is perfect, so when was the last time Ketchup genuinely apologized? It’s a two way street, so you have to ask these to yourself as well, but just things to look out for. 

9. The music video for “Lose Lose” features both chess and bowling. Do you have a favorite between the two?

Considering I have no idea how to play chess, I’ll have to say bowling. I really wanted to learn during the rollout of the song, but I unfortunately got sidetracked. 

10. What was it like to return home and perform your original music?

I love a good full circle moment and considering singing at my hometown’s local festival at 12 was the first time I felt like I could actually do what I am doing now, is so sweet to me. There’s always a few more nerves performing for the people who basically praised you (rather than strangers), but I enjoyed it! It even prompted me to put up a live version of Could’ve Just Left Me Alone on YouTube since my set got cut short!! LOL.

11. According to one of your Instagram captions you are a “city gorl.” What are some city gorl essentials?

If you’re a New York City gorl, definitely a coat. LA, not so much. I’d also day a cute accessory like good sunglasses in the summer or a scarf in the winter is a trend to get on. 

12. Two months ago you released your newest single “Someone Better.” Could you share more about your latest single?

I look  at Someone Better and Temporary like sister songs. One emphasizes the leaving and letting go because it’s growing toxic and won’t last, the latter honors the other expressing that there was indeed love there. 

13. It sounds like on “Someone Better” you choose yourself which can be a difficult thing to do. What signs did you get that this is what you needed to do?

At the end of the day I’m stuck with me, all my thoughts, and decisions. If I am not sure of something in my gut and spirit, it has to go. There are exceptions of course, but when it comes to love, it’s all or nothing for me. 

14. Mustard has observed that humans sometimes grow apart or outgrow each other. Do you believe this happens naturally?

Totally. I have fond memories of people I’ve grown away from knowing there’s no bad blood. It isn’t always reciprocated, but I can’t help but love even those who’ve not shown that back, from a distance of course.

15. Mustard loves your style of songwriting. Who are some songwriters that influence and inspire you?

I am a huge fan of wordy oversharers like The Band Camino, and Julia Michaels. I love when a lyric feels raw and honest while also extremely catchy. 

16. From a narrative perspective it sounds like “Someone Better” could lead to another EP or album. Is there any weight to this theory?

There is an album coming. Plenty of weight to that theory. 

17. What is next for Alexa Cappelli?

Album and tour!! I am so eager to get on the road and would love to open for another artist or even headline!

18. Do you have any upcoming gigs? Will you be going live soon on TikTok or Instagram?

I go live every week! Usually on TikTok or Instagram. I recently opened for my dear friend Lorelei Marcell at the Hotel Cafe, and am looking forward to more gigs coming soon!  

19. Can readers still find your music on all streaming platforms?

Yes indeed! They can also watch my music videos on YouTube for all my most recent releases, including the ones we talked about today!


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