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Dylan Perkins newest album, “Football” is one of my favorite Indie folk punk albums I’ve heard to date. It definitely has some pleasant pop influences. This lyrics in this album combine the human struggles that are inherent with this generation that are common themes in folk punk with an almost cheery rhythm in a subtly catchy acoustic guitar. Hidden in this music is the occasional electric guitar. 

Like all albums, I put a lot of stock in the first song. The opening track sets the pace for me and tells me what to expect. A bad opening track can sour my mood on an album, but rest assured, this album does not disappoint. My Darkest Hour was previously released as a single and it is easy to see why. The only song to feature a guest musician, John Kramer added electric guitar and lead guitar. That lead guitar really makes this song pop. A single rhythm laid under the vocals brings out the melody and highlights a hidden beauty to the track. The song is about depression, and there is a level of anger rising in the vocals by the end of the track, but the acoustic pop guitar rhythms paired with the folk guitar feels comfortable.

The album moves from here to “Detailed Look Inside of my Brain”. This track has some really fun layered backing vocals that are not used enough in single artist performances, it’s simple things like this that add depth to the album while also feeling personal and intimate. The song if a little upbeat, but acoustic and folk sounding, but still has enough layers to feel warm and inviting and like an album instead of just a guy alone in his bedroom with a guitar.

BLOAT has a nice synth beat behind the track as Dylan sings about an acquaintance- perhaps even a friend- who just brings the mood down and triggers your anxiety. It feels a little mean spirited, but also can be extremely relatable. This leads directly into Football, the first track where I feel the bass guitar plays a prominent role in setting the tone. Football is far from a celebration of sport, rather its about the obnoxious football fan at the bar whose cheering and yelling drowns out the entire atmosphere of the bar. While neither of these tracks are as upbeat as the first two in tone, the general poppy rhythms in each are still present and make the album fun to listen to.

“Work Life Balance” is my favorite track on the album. It features the most upbeat rhythm on the album while angrily complaining about the frustrations of losing your life to the hellscape of late stage capitalism and working your life away while your mental and physical health deteriorates. 

The album ends with “Tell Your Friends”, a great track and important reminder for everyone to tell your friends about the album. Seriously, this is so important. Support local artists. Support your friends who own small businesses or work in the arts. That doesn’t just mean buy their stuff. That means spread the word. Shout out your friends. Shout out your favorite artists. Share this interview! Share the song link! Share their music videos. Like their social media posts! Don’t forget, to tell your friends about the art that you support. Be there for each other. Thank you, Dylan Perkins, for this important reminder, in song form.


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