Mustard had the pleasure of speaking with Remy Reilly! Together we discussed being the class clown, putting yourself in others shoes, their newest single “What Do Ya Know”, and so much more!

1. Mustard is grateful to have you join them at Music Shelf. How are you doing today? 

Remy is glad to have joined Mustard! I am doing quite fabulous today. 

2. You began singing and playing drums at 11. Can you recall the first song you learned on drums? What were some of the songs you used to sing?  

I actually can, I was watching the Grammys and Anderson Paak’s “come down” from his 2016 album, Malibu came on. I fell in love and started playing that song over and over and would play it. One of the first covers I ever did was “Habits” By Tove Lo. (definitely not appropriate for an 11 year old ha!) I covered ZZ Ward, Steelers Wheel, Fleetwood Mac in my early days and still do! 

3. When did you transition from piano to guitar? What types of songs were composed on the piano? 

I transitioned from piano to guitar around 14 years old when I received a GT mini Taylor for my birthday. I still played both, but that’s when I brought out the guitar to gigs and started writing on it. The songs I write on piano are definitely slower than the songs I write on the guitar. My song “beauty” was written on the piano and you can find it on my latest EP!

4. What type of music was played throughout your household? How did this shape your desire to become a musician?  

My dad is a huge metal fan and my mother loves rap and R&B, so I grew up around all of that. I love both genres. I think I have a rock and soul aspect to my music, especially live. My dad’s favorite band is Queen and my Mom’s favorites are John Newman and LL Cool J if that says anything about their taste. 

5. You love being the class clown. What are some Remy Reilly signature shenanigans? 

Well. That is something everyone who knows me knows. I think I just don’t care what people think of me, I am always having fun. I am always making fun of  myself on stage, oversharing, doing my little dances. I have always liked to make people laugh. I am told I am hilarious. I think so too. I can’t help but laugh at everything, even myself. That’s what life’s about right? 

6. Foster The People, Norah Jones, and The Cure are some of your inspirations. Which song from each do you recommend every human listen too?

As far as Foster The People I love every song in the discography you can’t go wrong. Torches is my favorite album from them though, and everyone knows “Pumped Up Kicks” from that album. What people may not know is every song on that album is a bop. A NO skip album. Foster never gets skipped in my car. 

 For Norah, I will be basic if you have never listened, go listen to Don’t Know Why, I have covered that song since I was 11 and it kind of never gets old. I actually love that album it is on as well.

 The Cure does not have many bad songs either, you will laugh. My favorite has to be LoveCats and Why can’t I be you? 

7. Is there a song or album that had a significant impact on you? 

Better Strange by James Supercave. Was the first album I really fell head over heels for. I was 13, in 7th grade when I found their CD and I popped it in and ever looked back. I am still a diehard fan to this day. That album inspired so much of my writing and my love for analogies in songs. I recommend James Supercave! 

8. Who (or what) influences you? 

People, living their lives, being exactly who they are supposed to be. Watching people do what they love, spending time with their people, their passions. It all is so inspiring. I love watching people from the stage, enjoying their lives. Everyone has a story, a passion and a dream. There is depth to every human, that inspires me. I want to write about them more.

9. As a songwriter you like to put yourself in others’ shoes. How many shoes have you put yourself into? 

I have put myself in quite a few, I do feel a lot for everyone. I like to write my friends songs when they are going through a specific problem and then send it to them. It always makes them feel less alone. It may seem like I am ripping off their sadness for song ideas, but it does comfort them and make them feel heard. We like to hear things in a song we can relate to, its healing. Anytime I write for a friend, I am putting myself in their shoes. 

10. How does seeing situations from another perspective help you as a songwriter? What is your creative process? 

It helps me feel something that I may have never got the chance to feel. Obviously, you will never understand everything because you can’t possibly go through every situation, though all of the variables. Understanding someone’s emotions and perspectives gives me more ideas, topics and stories to use in a song. This is actually what triggers my creative process. Whenever I am sad or happy or feel any type of genuine raw emotion, I get inspired and I start writing. Melody or lyrics come in whatever order they need to and I have a song. 

11. Your debut single “26” is an anti-bullying song. How did it feel to get this message across? What can humans do to prevent bullying? 

It felt great to get this message across. I was bullied all through school, I know how it feels and I hate to see it happen to other people. It is quite useless and does nothing for either person. I say it in the song. “Start on yourself and see what happens” The first step is to look at yourself and see how you are treating yourself. If you are doing everything you can and are being kind, that is all that matters. If we all worked on ourselves and had respect for one another it wouldn’t happen. 

12. 2018 also saw the release of your self-titled EP. Could you share what it was like working on this EP? 

This was my first time in the studio, I was very excited, nervous and feeling all of the feels. Hearing my voice on such nice equipment was like such a trip. I had all of the songs finished, which is funny. I don’t think I have ever written a song in the studio. I have always come with a song that is done. This process was slower, because I was so new to the whole thing. I was just watching everyone in awe, I was 14 and could not believe it was all happening.  

13. You took a stand against Domestic Violence on your single “Just Stop.” What can humans do to help this cause?

If you know someone who is going through domestic abuse, support them the best you can and get help in the safest way possible. You can also donate and help at your local shelters for women and families. 

14. Last December saw the release of your EP “Avalanche.” Was the creative process similar to your self-titled EP? 

I think the creative process was a little different this time. For one, I was older, had gone through a little more living. Second, I worked with different people, so it was all new ideas and advice that really opened my mind up even more! I brought in finished songs, but watched as the producer Matt Pence took the ideas and made them fly. 

15. Would you say the EP is structured like an avalanche? Does it continue to build as you listen? 

I never thought of it that way but that is very creative! In a way you could say that, it starts off fast and fun and then slows down and it fades out in chaos. It does build up! 

16. What can fans expect from your upcoming single “What Do Ya Know?”

You can expect the song to make you feel good and happy, I hope that is what it does for everyone! I want it to be the perfect Spring/Summer song. 

17. Do you have any upcoming shows? 

I have many upcoming shows. May 7th I will be playing the CottonWood Festival in Texas! I also post everywhere that I will be for the full schedule on my website! 

18. Where can readers listen to your music? 

You can find all of my music everywhere at Remy Reilly


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