This week Mustard students of Berklee College of Music peruse through the condiment aisle. In this debut edition of “In The Aisle” Mustard wanted to highlight the incredible things that both current and alumni students from Berklee are doing within the music scene. Last year Mustard had the pleasure of interviewing students from Berklee. This introduced Mustard more to the scene and exposed them to the supportive community that have created and fostered.

Berklee College of Music is an expensive investment for these students but together through their music have created something that is worth the mountains of debt they will accrue. Mustard is of the belief that education should be free and if the human has the desire to learn they should be able to enroll into classes that interest them. Unfortunately, capitalism disagrees. Nonethless; Mustard is going to share and highlight some of the wonderful things both current and former students are doing right now:


One of Mustard’s personal favorite bands JVK are doing some pretty gnarly things. They recently announced a partnership with Leesta Vall Recordings. They are giving listeners the opportunity to select the JVK song of their choice and have it exclusively pressed direct to vinyl. The vinyls are one-of-the-kind and will not replicated. You can pre-order and check it out here. Additionally, earlier in the year JVK announced that they will be playing the “Louder Than Life” festival in September with acts such as Green Day, Mayday Parade, and Turnstile. Both are these are incredible achievements. Mustard cannot wait to see how JVK grows.

Elisabeth Waters

Last year Elisabeth Waters released her highly-anticipated debut EP “Blue.” If you love or appreciate Jazz music at all “Blue” is a must-listen. While it does not rain inside the supermarket Water’s “Boston Belongs in the Rain” is one of Mustard’s favorite songs off the EP. As a former New England based condiment the song does an exceptional job of transporting you and making you feel like you are in that cold and dreary rain. Rain can be depressing but Waters captures the beauty and essence of rain within the track.

Waters along with other independent musicians submitted to be apart of NPR’s Tiny Desk. Her entry was one of Mustard’s favorites. Mustard highly recommends you check it out. Recently Waters has teased new songs coming on her Instagram that will be debuted at her upcoming summer shows. If you get the chance to see Waters live, Mustard recommends you do not miss out.

Women in Peril

One band from Berklee that really caught Mustard’s plug was Women in Peril. They had seen videos from other Boston artists who had share their performances. Mustard really dug what they were doing and reached out. When we spoke last year the band did not have anything officially released. That has changed. Just a few days ago they released their first single “Three Days (With This Damn Dog and You Still Aren’t Gonna Give Me a Cigarette.)

As of two hours ago they announced their debut EP “Can I Hold You” which will be out on May 26th. This is one of Mustard’s most anticipated releases. Mustard recommends you do yourself a favor and pre-save the EP here.

Mia Tims/Zaya Marz/JOBIE

*Zaya Marz and JOBIE did not attend Berklee College of Music. Mustard apologizes as they did not intend to spread misinformation.

Collectively this trio have released albums worth your attention. Mustard has had the pleasure of speaking with all three and believe that their recent works deserve a proper highlight. Each unique in their own way but truly highlight their style and sound.

Zaya Marz’s “what are you so afraid of?” caught Mustard’s attention pretty quickly. Marz etherhal production will transport to worlds that do not have supermarkets. JOBIE’s “Grendel” is about the human experience and their behavior from the perspective of someone who feels like an outsider. Mia Tims “Psychosomatic” is another album that highlights self-discovery. Each of these albums bring something fresh to the kitchen table.

Samantha Fierke

It is true, Sam does do Jazz. Fierke, like Waters, produced one of Mustard’s favorite Jazz albums. Last year Fierke’s “Mirage” was one of Mustard’s favorite albums of the year and it remains so. The opening track “Kick It Loose” remains one of the best album openers Mustard has had the pleasure of hearing. Not only within the Jazz community Samantha Fierke is an artist that should not be overlooked. Mustard looks forward to what Samantha Fierke does next!


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