A Frank Conversation with Julie G Olive

Mustard had the pleasure of speaking with Julie G Olive! Together we discussed their Twitch stream, embarrassment, their debut single “FOMO”, and so much more!

1. Mustard is grateful to have you join them at Music Shelf. How are you doing today?

It’s always a pleasure to talk to my favourite condiment. I’m doing just dandy.

2. According to your Instagram biography you embarrass yourself online for fun. How do you do this?

I’m a full-time livestreamer! I started out streaming just music, but have branched out to do literally anything that brings me joy – including diving into a kiddie pool in my backyard wearing full clown garb, and doing “prone parties” where I lay on the floor face-down and blast eurobeat.

3. Mustard has observed that some humans are afraid to become embarrassed but you are not. What do you do to help overcome any potential embarrassment? Do you have any advice for those who may be afraid to let loose?

The more cringe you can give yourself, the more desensitized to it you get. I missed out on so much fun because I was afraid of what other people would think, so I’m making up for lost time.

4. You have a passion for cinematic pop. What cinematic pop song first made an impact on you?

The song that really made me decide to hone in my music to become more cinematic would definitely have to be Rex Orange County’s Apricot Princess. The use of a large string section and the Stevie Wonder influences helped me realize what is possible within my songwriting abilities.

5. What was your relationship with music growing up?

I grew up listening to classic rock and playing classical music. Because of how strict my music studies were, I had a very tumultuous relationship with music. When I went through hard times, the only thing I felt I could hold onto was my ability to create beauty with sound- and that helped guide me towards what I love to do today. 

6. You are classically trained in piano, violon, and voice while also having formal training in guitar and saxophone. Which instrument did you learn first? Do you have a preferred instrument? What advice would you give to a human looking to become a multi-instrumentalist?

My parents threw me into piano lessons when I was three to help distract me from being a nuisance, which only partially worked. Once I started playing violin at around 8 it became my sole obsession, but I still had to keep up with my piano studies. I played guitar and saxophone as relief from the disciplined nature of my classical studies.

When I hit college I was unable to continue playing violin due to some gnarly long-term injuries, so I had to study voice. Since then, singing has become my favorite thing to do- because it’s so personal that you can’t ever really compare yourself to others. 

If you’re looking to become multi-instrumental, make sure to focus your efforts on one instrument first and build your skill up enough that when you add on another the old stuff won’t all just slide out of your brain

7. Is there a song or album that had a significant impact on you?

Bo Burnham’s Inside completely changed how I felt about creating. I realized how much I’ve been holding in for so long, and if I never let something personal reach the world then nobody will ever have a reason to care. It showed me how closely intertwined comedy and tragedy are, and how mental health can and should be something to write about.

8. What is your creative process?

I use my loopstation to help me form most of my ideas these days – starting with an interesting melody or chord progression and building out from there. That usually helps me find the vibe of the song, to which I search through my pile of lyrics and poetry to find something to match, and build the song from there.

9. You recently finished Nathan Fielder’s “The Rehearsal.” If you could use The Nathan Fielder Method for any event in your life what event would it be and why?

If I could use the Fielder Method to handle pretty much any interaction with the other creators, I would. I have such severe social anxiety that I never give myself the opportunity to meet or talk with folks who I admire out of fear of rejection. I’m working on it though- streaming has definitely helped with the worries.

10. Nathan Fielder asks you to write a song that summarizes your favorite episode from The Rehearsal. What episode do you choose and why?

It would be such a missed opportunity to not go for Episode 4: the Fielder Method. The idea of borderline stalking someone in order to perfectly encompass their behaviour and immerse yourself in another persons life entirely, it plays so well into my insecurities and would create such an interesting lyrical theme. Dang, now I’ve got to get to writing.

11. Could you share more about your partnership with AdvancedGG?

I’ve found that most streamers have had at least 1 energy drink sponsor, and after trying a ton of different companies I really enjoy Advanced GG because they focus on giving you energy through vitamins and supplements as well as caffeinated options. Their staff are absolute sweethearts and they don’t get weird when I go goblin mode on marketing. Plus, I don’t drink coffee so sometimes I need a bit of a pick me up that doesn’t feel like I chewed on a powerline.

12. A human visits Twitch. They find your channel. What kind of content can be found on your Twitch? What is your schedule?

There’s a 50/50 chance when you stumble on my channel that I’ll be livelooping chill indie music and medleys, or that I’ll be shoving my hand in a jar of peanut butter while my chat bullies me. The chaos is part of the fun.

I’m usually live Wed/Fri/Sun at around 7pm MST! 

13. Last month you released your debut single “FOMO.” What was the inspiration behind this single?

I’ve avoided so much in my life because of worries of what other people think. I’ve cared so much about looking stupid if I fail. In the past couple years, almost every aspect of my life has had to change due to things out of my control – and I realized if I don’t at least try, I can never expect to be somebody my childhood self would be proud of. Especially since this is the first song I’ve ever put out to the public in any official sense, it felt right for it to be about the fear of missing out.

14. What are some events that you fear missing out on?

I’ve missed out on so much opportunity to work with other musicians, to create meaningful connections with folks I look up to, and to have fun around others due to my anxiety. It has been a lifelong battle to find ways to feel safe around others, and although I’ve made huge strides since quarantine, I’m still dealing with the longterm effects it’s had on my mental health.

15. Mustard was captivated by the FOMO music video. Could you share more about the concept behind it? What was it like filming?

I’ve always found music videos to be the turning point for me between being a casual enjoyer of an artist into a full-blown fan. That’s how I found my obsession with bands like OKGo, half•alive, and Hozier. 

This being my debut as a serious artist, I wanted to create something that had a big impact visually, while still being reasonable for me to create with little help or budget. I wanted to show the feeling of life passing by around you, and feeling like you’re just sinking into the background, as well as the anxieties I find when I actually am open with others. I used ski masks to show that those genuinely who care about what you do will do so regardless of how you present yourself physically. 

I worked with my friend Ashley Tran (_a.trainwreck) to make shoot this video, and it was all done inside my tiny apartment. It was sweaty, it was messy, but I’m really proud of the end product.

16. What can fans expect from your upcoming album “frank?”

I hope people see frank as an honest introspective piece built on the ideas of anxiety, grief, and difficult relationships. It has a mix of upbeat relatable bops, and intimate dark songs.

17. How would you describe your live performance? Do you have any upcoming shows?

I like to use my IRL live shows as an opportunity to let loose. When I perform at home I can’t be even a fraction as loud as I like to be when I’m on a stage. I really do wail. 

I will be playing a show with my friends Floral Green in Calgary at the Palomino June 10th for their album release party! I’ll be playing some familiar bops and lots of unreleased material.

18. Where can readers listen to your music?

I appreciate anybody who has taken the time to look me up (Julie G Olive) on streaming platforms like Spotify. I recently passed 2k streams on fomo!!! If you’d like to hear me live, check out my Twitch! I also post some originals and covers on my YouTube as well as goofy short-form content with other talented creators. You can find anything you’re curious about here: 


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