This Tuesday saw the release of Indica in Decay’s ongoing synth rock opera from Ilan Moskowitz of Sad Snack from Ska Punk International. Mustard has had the pleasure of speaking with Illan about Indica in Decay. Indica in Decay is one of the most creative and unique projects going on within the independent music community. If you have not had the chance to listen to “ACT ONE” Mustard recommends you do so. You can listen to it via Bandcamp below. At only five tracks “ACT ONE” will provide your human ears with an experience unlike any other.

The story of Indica in Decay is:

Indica In Decay stars Indica, a wannabe musical superstar. She gains a magic guitar through a former frontman/lover’s suicide and its power to write perfect music unlocks her dreams. Simultaneously, it pits her against a new, twisted, sentient songwriting A.I., as well as all the other desperate wannabes who wish to possess Excalibur and live out their glory!

To create an even more immersive experience listeners can pre-order a cassette + zine bundle via Ska Punk International. “ACT ONE” is available on a slime green cassette. Both the cassette and zine feature the incredible artwork by Simon Jane. Jane’s artwork only elevates the story being told in this act. For collectors and fans of Indica in Decay; the cassette features bonus remixes from Eichlers and Hexadecibel. Not only that it features a live cover version of Ben Fold’s “Brick” featuring Sad Snack live at The Complex.

If you are a fan of Depeche Mode, Bomb The Music Industry, Eichlers, or Sad Snack Mustard highly recommends you check out Indica in Decay.


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