Mustard had the pleasure of speaking with Sidney! Together we discussed their influences, songwriting process, mental health, their newest single “Cool Girl”, and so much more!

1. Mustard is grateful to have you join them at Music Shelf. How are you doing today?

Thanks so much for having me! I’m feeling great today – it’s always super exciting putting new music out (finally!)

2. You love yourself some linen with lyrics. If you could have any lyrics on any type of linen what lyrics would be on that linen?

Oooo, good question. I think I’d honestly love any piece of linen clothing with some hidden text on the inside of the garment – hidden just for me – that reads
“Maybe thoughts that keep you hopeful’s a better place to hold your focus”

3. What was your relationship with music growing up? Can you recall some of your favorite songs from your childhood?

I grew up in a super musical family (my grandfather’s name was Sydney, which is where my project name actually came from), so whether at home or church there was always something to get involved with. Dad would be blasting The Rippingtons, Steely Dan or Sting and Mum had Eva Cassidy or Tina Arena playing – so I can’t really pinpoint a particular song… though my first real love was Michael Buble (had all his albums on my little ipod shuffle).

4. Who would you consider some of your influences? How do they influence you both musically and personally?

Lennon Stella and Julia Michaels are two big influences for my writing style. Their writing is conversational, vulnerable and versatile which for the indie-pop lane I adore. Though, I try to listen to a range of influences all the time so that I don’t get stuck.

Vocally I wouldn’t say I have one specific singer… I often get compared to Sara Barielles, Norah Jones or Brooke Fraser; all who I have listened to across my life – so perhaps them?

And personally, I guess I’m way more influenced by people that not everyone would know. I adore authentic, confident individuals because I’m always trying to grow into my most genuine and real self. I could go on, but I’ll stop there!

5. What is your songwriting process? Is there a big difference between writing your own songs as it is for writing songs for others?

It changes all the time. There is definitely ‘therapy writing’ where I’m feeling A LOT of emotion and I’ll just sit at the piano or grab a guitar and ramble to process. That is how Imposter was written.
Then, there is studio writing and collaboration which can be wayyyy more structured! It’s so fun to collaborate and have everyone’s own magic infusing the song. Writing for other artists is usually more similar to that!

Personally, I love to hang out and chat to the artist, hear their story and jot down things that stick out. We then take those points and usually a song can form around that! That’s the short version anyway.

6. When did you start helping write songs with/for other artists? How does something like that start? What are some songs you’ve helped write recently? What artists would you recommend readers check out?

I began collaborating for other projects pretty early on in lockdown via zoom. There were different writing camps and we all got teamed up with people we hadn’t met before! Ūla, Ben Oldland and I were all teamed up and we wrote an awesome song called ‘This Was Your Idea’ that I can’t wait to come out this year. I also adore working with Eliott, who was an inspiration of mine before we started working together.

Other special mentions, definitely check out Kaitlin Keegan, Hattie Oates and AYA YVES!

7. March 28th marked the battle of Sid vs Syd. Who won? Can fans expect a rematch in the future?

Hahah what a question!
It was definitely a draw. I have started touring a bit more and traveling to Sydney for writing trips; safe to say, I’ve fallen in love with that! There are so many amazing creators everywhere and I just LOVE meeting new creatives and collaborating. I’m already planning my next writing trip later this month.

8. Real conversations around mental health were the inspiration behind your Table Talk Project. What was it like to have these conversations? Will there be another installment in the future?

It was so special and vulnerable. I just felt wildly privileged to sit there and be a part of each conversation. Every artist that got involved shared their stories with such courage and integrity.

Mental Health is something I’m SO passionate about bringing awareness to – particularly within the music industry – and I couldn’t have asked for a better team of creatives to get behind the cause.

I hope we can do more of these sorts of videos because from the feedback it was super impactful and I know it goes far and wide, not just within my industry… so stay tuned!

9. Could you share more about your experience with the Fender’s Player Plus Series?

It was wild! Receiving my first stratocaster and working alongside Adam Rhodes (Angus & Julia Stone) at Sing Sing Studios. I never thought I would have an opportunity like that SO early in my career!

As an independent artist, money can be a barrier for producing music and releasing, so to have a day to record songs in their stripped back form and showcase my writing on the ‘Live at Sing Sing’ EP was just a godsend for my project! So precious.

10. 2020 saw the release of your debut single “Bullet.” Could you tell us more about the bullet you dodged?

Well, the ‘bullet’ recently got married. So, I’m going to keep it at that…

11. Mustard wonders what are some red flags in humans? How can humans such as yourself detect that someone may be a potential “bullet?” What are some of the games that they play?

Haha oh boy. Hmm, I think you’ve already said it in the question – games.
It’s a tell tale sign.
From my experience, if they’re playing with you at all, they’re probably not after anything serious. *cue Lennon Stella – Games*

12. Mustard appreciates how introspective your lyrics are. How does songwriting help you reflect?

It’s definitely a similar thing to journaling I would assume – I was never great at keeping a journal but my song journal was always filled. It’s meditative and in a way ‘verbal processing’ – which all my friends know I do a LOT.

13. Two years later you released your EP “Imposter” which has amassed over 400K streams. When did you begin working on this EP?

I started on ‘Guarantee’ (the first track written from that EP) in 2020 – the same year I launched this artist project. We wrapped up work on it mid 2021! Tried, NICE GUY and Imposter were all written basically in the same week.

14. Mustard has observed that humans sometimes feel “Imposter Syndrome.” What causes this? How can humans overcome this?

Gosh, I am not an expert in the slightest. So many things can cause it and ultimately, growing in self confidence and belief in who you are and what you are working towards is a start to overcome it. I’m definitely still working on that one…

15. The EP art for “Imposter” features you looking at yourself in the mirror. This goes along well with your introspective lyrics. What are some ways you take care of your mental health? How has music helped you express yourself?

Ooo love this question!

I am really learning to hold fast to boundaries that protect my mental health, celebrating small and big wins (they all matter) and prioritising things that set my soul on fire – in a healthy way!
Surround yourself with people who bring out the light and best, challenge you and inspire you.
Also, for me, medication and therapy has really helped and there seems to be a stigma but I always want to speak up about that. No shame in it! Promise.

16. What can fans expect from your upcoming single “Cool Girl?”

A sore neck and windswept hair from jamming out to the song on the highway with their windows down.

17. Mustard wonders what makes someone “cool?” How do you define “cool?” How big of a role does being “cool” play in society?

I was having a chat with my producer Ben about this and ultimately we landed on that there isn’t a definition. It’s so subjective. Most of the people who would call themselves ‘cool’ probably aren’t. I could get all philosophical on you but I ultimately just think it’s an overrated term anyway.
Better off focusing on being kind and enjoying your life.

18. You’ve toured with the likes of Harrison Storm and Shannen James. Could you share more about this experience?

I absolutely adore both of these artists and have fallen in love with touring! Harrison was the first national tour I ever got to join and I couldn’t have asked for a better artist to experience that with. He’s such a kind, thoughtful soul and to witness people across the country absorbed in his music and connecting – it was so inspiring to me.

I can’t wait to be in that position and bringing along artists that I fully support into that experience with me.

19. How would you describe your live performance in three words?

At the moment, I play solo shows and those I would describe as: vulnerable, authentic and captivating.

20. Do you have any upcoming shows?

Yes! A few that I am not allowed to announce just yet. Sorry!

21. What is next for Sidney?

At the moment, we are building up my live show (with a band!!) to be ready to showcase later in the year and there is a huge amount of new music coming your way soon too!

22. Where can readers listen to your music?

All platforms but best place would be


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