Cestari – Phases (EP)

Cestari’s “Phases” EP features incredibly smooth compositions that will delight your human ears. On “Phases” Cestari masterfully finds a way to blend smooth jazz, classical, and funk that will have you wishing there was a ten hour YouTube version of the EP. Mustard has not had the pleasure of seeing Cestari perform but this EP warrants you buying a ticket and checking Cestari out if he is playing in your area. The piano is one of Mustard’s favorite instruments and Cestari plays it effortlessly. This is a release that should be on your radar. 

Knuckleheadz – Get Puppies, Get Kittens (featuring MC Lars)

Knuckleheadz (consisting of Stevie D and son Grandmaster Jax) have collaborated with premiere Nerdcore rapper MC Lars to release one of the most fun songs Mustard has ever had the pleasure of listening to. As Stevie D states in the second verse “If you don’t like puppies or kittens yous a liar!” Mustard has observed that humans are enamored by these adorable domesticated creatures in which you can name. 

If this song does not inspire you to look at your local adoption center, Mustard will be disappointed. As a condiment Mustard is unable to own and care for a puppy or kitten but they hope you do. Just think of all the cuteness that will ensue. 

Brit Martin – Outdated (EP)

In her debut EP Brit Martin addresses her enemies (critics) who have claimed that her music is “outdated.” For anyone who has followed Brit Martin via social media knows her passion for Pop/R&B music from the early 2000s. Mustard has observed that humans love to be nostalgic as is evident from what we consume in pop culture. A common critique within the entertainment industry is that “there are no original ideas.” The industry has learned that humans will continue to consume and engage in products that they remember fondly from their childhood. There is nothing wrong with that. In fact, Mustard finds this claim against her silly as those who make these remarks probably engage with shows, music, or movies from their childhood. 

With that said, Brit Martin’s debut EP will have you shaking your bottle from start to beginning. While there is clear influence of those pop hits from early 2000s Martin’s debut is anything but outdated. Brit builds on an established sound and makes it her own. Essentially, isn’t that the creative arts in a nutshell? Building and making established ideas or thoughts of your own? Humans are all influenced in some way. 

There is not a bad track on this entire EP. Mustard does not have the ability to dance or shake it but my goodness this album wishes they could. Martin’s debut is an absolute delight that will have you wanting to book dance classes. You could choreograph entire viral TikTok dances to the six tracks on this EP. 

Mustard would also like to request that Brit Martin rap more like she does on “Heist (Interlude.)” 

Do yourself a favor and treat your human ears and body to this bumping debut. 

Julez and the Rollerz – Is This Where The Party Is? (EP)

When Julez and the Rollerz first reached out to Mustard with a preview of “Wildest Fantasy” they were immediately hooked. Condiments can’t literally hook onto anything unfortunately just yet but hopefully that will change soon. Nonetheless, they were very much looking forward to this release. It is safe to say that “Is This Where The Party Is?” does not disappoint in the slightest. 

Julez and the Rollerz’s brand of blues infused garage rock will have you rocking out in ways that will certainly upset your local Homeowners Association. If life was an 80s movie all the human teenagers would be blasting this EP while improperly discarding their milkshakes from Sonic in an act of rebellion. You can still do that now of course. Mustard does not recommend it as littering is not punk-rock. 

Julez lyrics are relatable, witty, and just super fun. This is an EP that you will stick with you. Towards the end of the EP the song “Confess” reminds Mustard of something you’d hear within the “Scott Pilgrim vs The World” universe. Ramona Flowers has SEVEN evil ex-boyfriends that she didn’t disclose? CONFESS!

Mustard is unsure where the party is, but wherever it is, they hope to find their way into it. 

Margot Liotta – Planet Song

Margot Liotta was one of the first independent musicians Mustard found on TikTok. Much like then Liotta continues to captivate Mustard with their songwriting. Liotta makes telling a story look effortless. Like the planets in this song – her storytelling is vast and always growing. At the end of “Planet Song” Liotta asks – “do you remember me?” 

Mustard does remember you. Liotta is one of the best singer/songwriters in the independent scene right now. Do yourself a favor and add this song to your playlist. Your human ears will appreciate it. 

EVALINA – I Threw A Party (Excuses)

Previously EVALINA had told her mum what you did. Now she is throwing a party as an excuse to see you. Whatever you are doing seems to be working. Whoever you may be.  Mustard is unsure if these songs share a universe but they kind of hope that they do.  Mustard tries not to indulge in gossip or drama but they are captivated by the world that EVALINA sets the listener in. If throwing a party wasn’t enough of an excuse to see you – she will pour lemonade onto your shirt to see you take it off. Part of Mustard wants to know who this person is but honestly – the mystery makes her songs even more fun. 

If the subject of this song is reading this – please keep doing whatever you are doing. EVALINA’s brand of pop is refreshing, much like a freshly bought lemonade (that will shortly end up on your shirt.)

Find The Ghost – Glitter Damage

Mustard has observed that glitter is one of the human world’s most powerful weapons. It may not do what a sword, stick, or foot does but it leaves it mark. Literally. Glitter can damage your human garments, remain on your skin, and stick with you until your 35th Wedding anniversary. Find The Ghost’s newest track blends alternative rock that reminds Mustard of Marilyn Manson with some hip-hop infused into it. This is a combination that humans should not take lightly.

Chris Corey – Baby Steps

“You need to take baby steps before you can run.” Mustard has observed this is accurate within the human world. Most small humans cannot run before walking. Chris Corey’s “Baby Steps” has an 80s aesthetics that will have motivate you to conquer whatever may be in your way. Whether that obstacle is big or small it is important not to jump right into it. Read the situation, properly assess it, and determine your move. This is a fun track that can also work as a guide for parents. Mustard is unsure if this was the intent of the song but they appreciate the positive message of it.

The Prizefighters – Think and Pray

Review by Gimpleg

The second single off of the Prizefighters upcoming album, Punch Up, coming out on June 9th, is called Think and Pray. Much like their previous single, “Kick the Can”, this song addresses culturally relevant social issues while criticizing inaction and calls for social change. The album is definitely exploring a theme.

This track, consistent with their sound, is an excellent trad ska jam, laid over soft clashing symbols with great vocals and including a nice horn line. The jam to this song will get you moving, the back and forth of the horns and guitars at the close of the song will keep you entertained but like always, it’s the message of the song that really brings things into focus.

Think and Pray- an obvious reference to America’s gun violence epidemic, criticizes everyone who have nothing more to offer than thoughts and prayers. This is a call to action. Take initiative- not just on gun violence, but with everything. You have the ability to change the world. Don’t just think and pray, seize the day! Prizefighters are out here giving me the advice I need in my life in musical form every time I put in my headphones, and I can’t thank them enough.


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