Mustard would like to welcome you to the third installment of “In The Aisle.” Last week Mustard highlighted none other than “The CEO of Ska” Skatune Network/Jeremy Hunter who is a pillar in the current ska and independent music scene.

Joining Mustard this week in the aisle is another pillar within the scene known as Full Blown Meltdown (human name – William Green.) As noted in their Twitter biography they love the DIY scene and it shows.

Since Mustard has know them they have gone above and beyond to highlight labels and artists within the scene that deserve some recognition. They don’t do this for clout, brownie points, or to boost their own ego. Meltdown is incredibly selfless in his pursuit to grow and highlight the independent music community.

Meltdown’s goal is to highlight someone new for 365 days and they are fast approaching the massive milestone. This happens on Twitter which, if you know where to look, isn’t that awful of a place. It is all about finding the right community and FBM does just that. As of this article they are on day 362 days of support! Independent musicians do not have the same resources as artists who are backed by a big-time label. These artists often have external/internal firms that reach out on their behalf to share new materials regarding a new song/album. It may not seem like much in the scheme of things to an outside eye but Meltdown’s daily highlights has the potential to be a game-changer for an independent artist. While Meltdown is an independent artist themselves (who just released a killer track called “Party wit Villains”) they always put others before themselves.

Here are some of the recent bands/labels/supportive members of the community that Full Blown Meltdown has recently highlighted:

Star Funeral

Liquid Mike


Nightmare Beach

Cinema Stare

Kerosene Heights

Vanishing Shores

Sarah Schmidt

This of course is not the full list but a nice sample. For the complete list Mustard recommends following Full Blown Meltdown on Twitter here.

Last year when we spoke Meltdown shared how/why they decided to highlight independent musicians or labels:

I normally try to do 5 DIY bands, 1 smaller record label, and 1 supportive member of the community a week! Most of the bands I’ve seen around the scene for years, but recently I’ve been getting a lot of emails and messages from DIY artist asking me to check out their music and future them! I didn’t really expect it to take off as well as it has, but I’m so happy I’ve been able to help the community I love out even just a little bit!

Interview with JustSomeMustard

When we spoke they were on day 153. Now Full Blown Meltdown has almost finished their goal. It is so cool to see someone set a clear goal and almost accomplish it. In addition to the 365 days of support Full Blown Meltdown has also created a playlist called “FBM’s Homies” which further expands on his support. Spotify has changed the industry in many ways and for independent artists streams are incredibly important. By being added to a playlist such as this it gives labels and independent musicians another opportunity for their music to be heard.

In an DM interview with Molly O’ Brien Full Blown Meltdown elaborates further the importance of supporting each other within the scene. This means streaming their music, buying their merchandise, and going to their shows if they are in your area. He states that “we all need each other if we are going to make this silly scene happen.” Which is exactly right. While Spotify is convenient and does help there is so much more we can be doing to helping the DIY scene.

Mustard appreciates and is grateful for everything that Full Blown Meltdown does. They have made such a positive impact on the independent music scene. They look forward to how they follow-up their 365 days of support. Will FBM start anew or do they have something else up their proverbial human sleeve?


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