Music Shelf’s April Recommendations

Mr. Substitute’s recommendations: Dynastic- I love seeing bands perform live having 0 knowledge of them beforehand and instantly becoming a fan. That was the case for me with Dynastic when I saw them perform with Eichlers at the Programme Skate Shop. A one-person-show (plus DJ), Dynastic had these mind-melting songs that as soon as I … Continue reading Music Shelf’s April Recommendations


Video Premiere: Atlas & Oracle “Fade Away” Fade Away, the first collab between Common Sense Kid and ska-pop collective Atlas & Oracle, lies somewhere between the electronic-inspired ska punk of CSK and the ethereal ska-inspired pop of Atlas & Oracle. The second installment in a series of collab tracks, this project seeks to establish "pop ska" as its own genre distinct … Continue reading Video Premiere: Atlas & Oracle “Fade Away”

Blue Mountain Tribe Set to Perform at Gathering of Nations

The renowned Native American rock band, Blue Mountain Tribe, who have been making music for over a decade, will be performing at this year's "Gathering of Nations" event on April 28th. The event takes place at the Powwow Grounds in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Blue Mountain Tribe blends traditional Native American music with a contemporary rock … Continue reading Blue Mountain Tribe Set to Perform at Gathering of Nations

Music Shelf’s March Recommendations

Mr. Substitute's Recommendations: MF DOOM- What's interesting is that I can remember exactly where I was and which song, even the verse that had me instantly enamored with DOOM. Since then, I have listened to anything the late great Daniel Dumile had his metal finger on. DOOM's lyrics are extraterrestrial. His music production is impeccable. … Continue reading Music Shelf’s March Recommendations