Tune in with Future Radio

Mustard had the pleasure of speaking with South Africa’s Future Radio. Together we discussed their relationship with Radio growing up, what happens in the future, their newest single “No One Else Will”, and so much more! 1. Mustard is grateful to have Future Radio join them at Music Shelf. How is everyone doing? We're doing … Continue reading Tune in with Future Radio


Review Roundup: October 7th

EM- Catch Me If You Can (falling) featuring Omari Marsalis https://open.spotify.com/album/5kJOwneSq6cR76AllmHACH?si=kam8xTdoQdavqaGezz9m_w Nottingham's Emily Baldwin "Catch Me If You Can (falling)" is a smashing and relatable hit. While Mustard lacks human emotions they have observed humans who are unsure of what you are supposed to do in life. This indecision is the driving force of Baldwin's … Continue reading Review Roundup: October 7th

Music Shelf’s August 12th Review Roundup

listen here "namestage6 is not Okay" from namestage6 is an incredibly ambitious and engaging record. Sampled entirely from Huggable Dust by Okay (which deserves your attention as well) helps shapes this experimental hip-hop album that has elements of an Eyedea & Abilities album blended with the creativity of Tyler, The Creator. It is hard to … Continue reading Music Shelf’s August 12th Review Roundup