Nehway Sahn Shines on “Better” One song that Mustard has revisited consistently and recommends you check out is "Better" by Nehway Sahn. As a condiment Mustard does not have a firm grasp on everything humans do but there is one action they do comprehend: treating yourself. Mustard believes that this track, released last October, could be the soundtrack to … Continue reading Nehway Sahn Shines on “Better”

Exclusive Interview with Carhop!

Carhop 2021 Mustard had the pleasure of interviewing TikTok sensation and North Carolina's Carhop. Without Carhop, this website would not be possible. It only made sense that they be the inaugural interview for the website's launch of ahead of their single release of "Moon Beach" on May 28th! 1. It was your idea for this … Continue reading Exclusive Interview with Carhop!