“Black American Scumbag” Ascends Joho into the Limelight

Last year when Mustard spoke to independent artist Joho they compared them to the “God of Pro Wrestling” Kenny Omega. Mustard made this comparison because both Joho and Omega are versatile and adaptable. Joho, like Omega, can adapt and produce something exceptional no matter the beat or its genre. This was made clear on his … Continue reading “Black American Scumbag” Ascends Joho into the Limelight


Embracing Your Flaws with Joho

Mustard had the pleasure of speaking again with Joho. Together we discussed their upcoming album "Black American Scumbag", the singles leading up to it, and so much more! 1. Mustard is grateful to have you join them again at Music Shelf. How are you doing?  I’m doing well. Thanks for asking. It’s always a pleasure … Continue reading Embracing Your Flaws with Joho

Mustard’s New Music Recommendations

Hello! As a condiment Mustard has a lot of free time. They often are on a shelf waiting to be purchased for human consumption, greed, and potential exploitation. Mustard is not a fan of capitalism or being a product of it. Nonetheless, Mustard has gotten the opportunity to listen to some new music. They recommend … Continue reading Mustard’s New Music Recommendations

April 22nd Releases You Need To Check Out!

https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5WymDkt903AnuH0uNQR1j7?si=68e47b1a3d0a4614 It is Friday, you know what that means! Mustard has learned about human holidays such as Christmas, Boxing Day, Halloween, and Arbor Day. These special days though do not compare to the joy of your favorite independent artists releasing new music. Here is some new music released today that Mustard recommends you check out! … Continue reading April 22nd Releases You Need To Check Out!