Observing The Houseplant with Knifethroat

Mustard had the pleasure of speaking with Elio of Knifethroat. Together we discussed Knifethroat's formation, their favorite brand of cutlery, their most recent album "Songs for Houseplants", and so much more! 1. Mustard is grateful to have Knifethroat join them at Music Shelf. How are you doing today?  I’m great! Things are well. Nothing too … Continue reading Observing The Houseplant with Knifethroat


Knifethroat – “Songs For Houseplants” Review

Listen here Review by: Gimpleg Knifethroat's latest EP, Songs for Houseplants slipped under the radar when it released in May of 2022, but it is an incredible gem that didn't get nearly the attention it deserved. It's a six song DIY acoustic punk album that mixes in a little folk punk, but has excellent and … Continue reading Knifethroat – “Songs For Houseplants” Review