BREAKING: Self-declaring “Old Soul” Well Past Their Dave Matthews Band Stage at Age 31

Written by: Mister Substitute It’s 2023 and that band that your crusty roommate would play while trying to score with half of Nu Kappa Sigma just came out with a new album. Dave Matthews Band released their latest album since 2018 in Walk Around The Moon, a catch-all of music that feels equally familiar and … Continue reading BREAKING: Self-declaring “Old Soul” Well Past Their Dave Matthews Band Stage at Age 31


Music Shelf’s March Recommendations

Mr. Substitute's Recommendations: MF DOOM- What's interesting is that I can remember exactly where I was and which song, even the verse that had me instantly enamored with DOOM. Since then, I have listened to anything the late great Daniel Dumile had his metal finger on. DOOM's lyrics are extraterrestrial. His music production is impeccable. … Continue reading Music Shelf’s March Recommendations

Not Anymore with Oldphone

Photo by Jessicaa.img Featured photo by: @alecpugliese Mister Substitute had the pleasure of speaking with oldphone. Together they discussed their new album "Not Anymore.", signing with Lonely Ghost Records, cameos on "Not Anymore", and so much more! 1. First off, so happy to be interviewing you for your debut album as oldphone! How are you … Continue reading Not Anymore with Oldphone

Sad? “Not Anymore.” Just Emo.

Review by: Mister Substitute The drawing of our breath–that short inhalation before we sing, scream, cry or swim– is something I want to bring to focus: it is something we do all the time, but have you thought about the significance of this small act? The idea of the brain and body working together at … Continue reading Sad? “Not Anymore.” Just Emo.

Caitlin Edwards’ Debut Album Pluto Party

Review by: Mr. Substitute “Debutant” has been a word that I’ve been enjoying lately because in just a small word you have this world of possibilities ranging from an utter miss or a smashing hit. Caitlin Edwards–singer of the Chicago Ska-punk band Bumsy and the Moochers–has taken on this challenging role of debutant by putting … Continue reading Caitlin Edwards’ Debut Album Pluto Party

Substitute Teaching and Music

Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash By: Mr. Substitute Do you remember substitute teachers? If you’ve been in a school, public or private, it is safe to assume you’ve had one or several substitute teachers throughout your schooling–and it was never easy or fun as a student walking into a room where you’re used to … Continue reading Substitute Teaching and Music

The Music Shelf Top 10 Albums Of The Year

Music Shelf with Mustard has had the pleasure of listening to some incredible albums this year. 2022 has been an incredible year for music across all genres. Collectively the staff at Music Shelf have decided on an album of the year along a runner-up. You will also be able to find Mister Substitute's, Gimpleg's, and … Continue reading The Music Shelf Top 10 Albums Of The Year

Spending Time with GODDAMNIT

Review by: Mister Substitute Picture this: you’re in Philadelphia, just picked up your cheesesteak, walking down the road and this bright yellow van pulls up alongside you. Out pop out four tattoo-wearing dudes all dressed in black and ask if you want to listen to some new music that is equal parts punk, post-hardcore and … Continue reading Spending Time with GODDAMNIT