Devəlmāˈker Welcomes You To “Flagler Blues”

Humans have this incredible ability to self-reflect. Reflection often requires awareness of some sort. Some humans lack this awareness, or purposefully, repress what they may be feeling in order to fabricate the notion that they are "fine." Mustard believes this is because they are trying to uphold an image they would like to display for … Continue reading Devəlmāˈker Welcomes You To “Flagler Blues”


Wicked Bears – “Underwater” Album Review

Review by: Gimpleg Wicked Bears wit and tongue in cheek humor is on full display in this incredibly catchy sophomore release. Seriously, I think they may have hired a hypnotist when they wrote this album, because their gang vocals and pop punk riffs make me want to sing along with every song, even the first … Continue reading Wicked Bears – “Underwater” Album Review

Music Shelf’s Review Roundup – March 3rd

Xahferd (w/Bri Carmel) - Make It Work Xahferd, joined along with Bri Carmel, take us on a journey of a couple who are trying to do what they can to salvage the relationship. “Make It Work” has whimsical elements that contrast the darkness of the story being told. At one point in the song … Continue reading Music Shelf’s Review Roundup – March 3rd

Grooblen Explores The Human Body on “TEAR”

Grooblen, known for their musical programming and antics, has taken a detour on their upcoming release "TEAR." TEAR does not officially release until this Friday March 3rd. Grooblen was gracious enough to allow Music Shelf an early preview. On this release Grooblen teamed with KC of KDC Guild; an immersive art/music production group. KDC Guild … Continue reading Grooblen Explores The Human Body on “TEAR”

Simple Minded Symphony is “Over It”!

Review by: Mr. Substitute Think about the difference between a diamond and a pearl: both are precious gems that are visually stunning, but only one is carefully cut and shaped before being displayed. The pearl–a perfect one–requires no cutting or shaping of any kind, only displaying for all to see. Long have I known about … Continue reading Simple Minded Symphony is “Over It”!

Review Roundup – February 24th

Faintest Idea - Kill Em’ Dead Review by: Gimpleg Last week someone shared a post about a new music video on social media as I was scrolling before bed at 1 AM, and I almost scrolled past it, but instead I went back and clicked the link. The song had just released earlier that … Continue reading Review Roundup – February 24th

“North to the Future” – Rust Ring Review

Review by: Gimpleg North to the Future is the second LP from Rust Ring and it delivers so much more of everything. This album is good from beginning to end. Living on the edges of emo, punk, rock, and indie, this album avoids fitting nicely into a genre which allows it to live and breathe … Continue reading “North to the Future” – Rust Ring Review

Music Shelf Review Roundup – February 17th, 2023

Mango in Euphoria - Hollywood  Mango in Euphoria has created a sub-genre of disco, dark disco, that has captivated Mustard since they first listened to Mango’s previous works. Euphoria’s twist on the genre rejuvenates life into a genre that some humans consider dead. Hollywood is an electronic high-energy song that should be synced and licensed … Continue reading Music Shelf Review Roundup – February 17th, 2023