Music Shelf’s Review Roundup – 3/17/23

Coolie Ranx - Oh Girl Review by: Gimpleg Coolie Ranx has released the 4th single from his upcoming record Days Gone By and it's another great track. This reggae track is so much more than what I was expecting with the title of "Oh, Girl". Instead of being a love song, or a song … Continue reading Music Shelf’s Review Roundup – 3/17/23


The XLove of NineFingers

Mustard had the pleasure of speaking with NineFingers. Together we discussed is it Chicken Tenders or Chicken Fingers, their influences, Chicago, their album "XLove", and so much more! 1. Mustard is grateful to have NineFingers join them at Music Shelf. How are you doing? Hello Mustard! I am doing very well. I would like to … Continue reading The XLove of NineFingers