Not Anymore with Oldphone

Photo by Jessicaa.img Featured photo by: @alecpugliese Mister Substitute had the pleasure of speaking with oldphone. Together they discussed their new album "Not Anymore.", signing with Lonely Ghost Records, cameos on "Not Anymore", and so much more! 1. First off, so happy to be interviewing you for your debut album as oldphone! How are you … Continue reading Not Anymore with Oldphone


Sad? “Not Anymore.” Just Emo.

Review by: Mister Substitute The drawing of our breath–that short inhalation before we sing, scream, cry or swim– is something I want to bring to focus: it is something we do all the time, but have you thought about the significance of this small act? The idea of the brain and body working together at … Continue reading Sad? “Not Anymore.” Just Emo.