Music Shelf’s March Recommendations

Mr. Substitute's Recommendations: MF DOOM- What's interesting is that I can remember exactly where I was and which song, even the verse that had me instantly enamored with DOOM. Since then, I have listened to anything the late great Daniel Dumile had his metal finger on. DOOM's lyrics are extraterrestrial. His music production is impeccable. … Continue reading Music Shelf’s March Recommendations


Mustard’s New Music Recommendations

Hello! As a condiment Mustard has a lot of free time. They often are on a shelf waiting to be purchased for human consumption, greed, and potential exploitation. Mustard is not a fan of capitalism or being a product of it. Nonetheless, Mustard has gotten the opportunity to listen to some new music. They recommend … Continue reading Mustard’s New Music Recommendations

Examining Society With Wow Okay Cool

Mustard had the pleasure of speaking with New Haven's Wow Okay Cool! Together we discussed the origin of their name, capitalism and society in general, their favorite Connecticut artists, and so much more! Check out the interview below! 1. Hello! Mustard appreciates you being here. How are you? Mustard, the pleasure is all mine. I’m … Continue reading Examining Society With Wow Okay Cool

April 8th Releases You Should Listen Too!

It's Friday, you know what means! Here are some songs Mustard recommends you listen to today. Kate Cosentino - I Don't Know Where It Went Wrong Kate Cosentino, who has an interview with Mustard, coming later today just dropped their newest single "I Don't Know Where It Went Wrong." Humans who have the ability … Continue reading April 8th Releases You Should Listen Too!