If you have stumbled upon this website, accidentally, you are not being deceived. This is a music website founded and ran by “Tiktok’s favorite condiment” (Bill Chott) – JustSomeMustard. But this website was not Mustard’s idea. North Carrollian band – Carhop came to Mustard with the idea of creating a website that expands and further promotes independent musicians.

A lot of the artists you will discover on this website Mustard met on TikTok. Their genres and sounds vary providing an eclectic mix. Mustard’s Music Shelf is an inclusive environment for all musicians!

What you will find on Music Shelf with Mustard:

  • Exclusive interviews
  • Reviews
  • Previews of new and upcoming releases
  • A release calendar that will keep you updated
  • and so much more!

Mustard appreciates you being here!

If you are an artist that you would like Mustard to highlight – go to the contact section!

Mustard thanks you for being here! 🙂


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