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Future West’s latest “Who Will Forgive All My Sins” opens with “Faded”; an atmospheric opener that sets the mood for the rest of the album. Throughout the track a sample of
what sounds like an old television advert plays. Francis asks both himself and the listener
“are we faded?” Does Francis feel himself disappearing into the mist? Or is Francis fading into a place of emotional vulnerability which we will experience on the rest of the album?

Following “Faded” is the higher energy “Late Last Nite” which reminds Mustard’s human
intern of their years listening to gothic metal band H.I.M. Future West’s sound, compared to H.I.M. is far more optimistic and less melancholy. He tells the listener “don’t wait up at the door for me / I’m not who you thought I was.” Is it because of this Francis of Future West feels faded? Additionally, he lets us know that “he went out late last night.” Mustard believes this is significant. Humans often go out at night to get away from their problems, whatever they may be, and this can lead to self discovery. Which leads both Future West and the listener to ask the question – who will forgive all their sins?

“I Lost What’s Mine” reminds Mustard of a Killers song but with more a gothic and haunting vibe. We discover that Francis is all alone in his head which is a troublesome place for any human to be. Mustard has observed that when humans get in their head negative thoughts often take over allowing humans to think less of themselves despite the joys that they bring to those around them. “Give You My Time” has a certain warmth to it even with the lyrics being less than optimistic. Future West makes it clear that they cannot give us their time. Is this to focus on themselves? Mustard wonders. This track heightens and brings the album in a new direction. It feels rejuvenated and refreshed. Perhaps, Francis who has written every song on this album has completed their moments of introspection and reflection.

“The Pilot’s Nightmare” strips things back in an acoustic Dylan-esqe fashion while holding onto to the optimistic switch the album has taken. Francis is still in their head but wishes to be with a woman in red and to lay down with them instead. Mustard appreciates how open Francis is being on this album. All humans at some point have felt down about themselves and Francis is slowly picking themselves back up from the mud. “Joggers” continues to develop that relationship with the woman in red. Francis admits “I didn’t want to come clean” but it that woman who helps Francis get there. The solution: go for a jog. Mustard has seen humans jogging. Some humans revel in it. Others express exhaustion. But the act of it allows humans the chance to clear their mind.

On “All My Sins” Francis emphasizes that they’ll be okay. Even though they are doing things that may not be beneficial to them such as not sleeping or eating they will overcome and break down the walls within their mind. There is an extra edge on this song. It is as if Francis is done feeling this way and hopes to obliterate these negative thoughts, feelings, and actions. The second to last track “Three Years Asleep” is a track of acceptance. There are moments in this song that feels like My Chemical Romance’s “Black Parade” album. It is this sound and passion that helps elevate the story Francis has shared but the album has a whole.

The last track, and Francis’s favorite song they’ve written, according to their Instagram is “You, Instead.” This whole album is deeply personal but this track especially so. It is fitting that this is the last song on the album. Francis repeats “say it now” building to a climax in which he confirms that he wants to love you instead. Is the you in this scenario Francis themselves or the woman in the red from before? Nonetheless, the album ends on a more positive note than how it began.

“Who Will Forgive My Sins” is a triumph of self-acceptance. The road there was rough but ultimately the speed-bumps and pot holes in the way are obstacles Francis was able to overcome.


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