Photo by Biata Shem-Tov

Mustard had the pleasure of speaking with New Jersey’s Mistine. Together we discussed being Jersey-bred, their experience at USC’s Thornton School of Music, their creative process, their latest EP “Fade”, and so much more!

1. Mustard is grateful to have you join them. How are you doing today?

Thank you for having me, Mustard! I am having a lovely day! Currently I am sitting in my hotel room in Maine, drinking tea, eating chocolate, and enjoying the chilly breeze from the slightly ajar patio door. 

2. You’re log-cabin born but Jersey bred. What are some of your favorite things about New Jersey? What is something humans believe to be true about New Jersey but isn’t?

I LOVE New Jersey!! Jersey girls forever! 

my jersey faves:: pork roll, Bruce Springsteen, pizza, bagels, walks down the shore, Italian ice, soft serve on the boardwalk, my family and friends, friendly faces

New Jersey people are very kind and chill..don’t be fooled! I think something about living in between NYC and Philadelphia creates an overwhelming sense of hope and nostalgia in the jersey crowd…the perfect combination to inspire creativity.  

3. Your music is best to be blast on a highway. What is your favorite highway? Do you have a specific highway in mind when writing your songs?

Oooh good question… I love the PCH. How could you not love it 

I do specifically remember describing that I wanted the chorus of Temporary Feeling to hit the way that I feel when I come out of the tunnel on the PCH in Santa Monica and you finally see the beach and ocean. After sitting in LA traffic, it is always the best and most freeing feeling. 

4. Could you share more about how Carly Simon inspired you to become a musician?

At the end of Piglet’s Big Movie, Carly Simon’s music video played, along with videos of the characters from the movie. When I saw this as a child, in that moment, I turned to my mom and told her that that was what I wanted to do. 

Photo by Biata Shem-Tov

5. What was your experience at USC’s Thornton School of Music like? 

I loved studying at USC Thornton! I made so many amazing friends, gained amazing mentors, and fell in love with music all over again. 

6. Mustard loves that you want to make music that makes humans feel good. What are some elements you include in your music to make sure this happens?

I love the glittery synths with a driving guitar. Something that makes it feel like it has a lot of forward motion. I really love deep intimate songs that feel very light and happy 

7. In 2018 you released “Miss.Used” that sounds both modern and vintage. Could you share more about this single?

That was the first song that I wrote that I was actually proud of! I actually wrote it for my arranging class in college junior year and decided that i wanted to finish it and put it out for the world.  I felt as though people were taking advantage of me and wanted to write a song about taking back the power. At the time, I had also been going through my grandparents old photos at the time. He was in the airfare and I found a picture of him standing next to a plane with the word “Miss Used” written on the body of the plane…that is when the writing process began!! thanks grandpa ❤ 

8. What is your creative process?

Each one is different, but I do write with my dear friend s Jamison and Andy a lot. They have a great way of making me feel safe and helping me process what I’m trying to put into the song. I also write a lot alone in my room on guitar and take random voice memos of song ideas while I’m running or driving or walking around town.

9. In “All Night” it was too late until he said we will dance all night. What are some of your favorite dance moves? Do you have a go-to dance song?

I love dancing with my friends or alone in my is such a freeing expense to just jump around and enjoy music. (I am a terrible dancer but I will never stop) 

Dancing queen – ABBA (obviously…) 

10. You just released your debut EP “Fade” that contains singles such as Temporary Feeling and Everett Park. What was it like putting this EP together? Could you share more about the significance of the word “Fade” and what role it plays on this EP?

Since this was my first EP, it was an extremely rewarding experience. I worked with the best people who are not some of my best friends and got to explore what I wanted my sound to be. 

I think fade has many meanings to me. It originally came from my thoughts about wanting to fade away from someone…not really say anything but just fade into the distance while we slowly grew apart and all of the feelings attached to moments like those. I also don’t think you ever really stop loving someone you’ve cared about.. I think they just fade over time..but the feelings are still there. 

11. What’s next for Mistine?

omg so many things!! working on the next collection of songs right now..most of them are written and are currently in the production stage. I will be released a music video for ‘Just Fade’, a new merch line, and many new songs and videos next year. I am also looking to put out a collab, get some of these songs placed in indie movies, and hoping to go on tour opening for someone soon!! 

12. Where can readers listen to your music?

all the streaming platforms!!


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