Mustard had the pleasure of speaking with Kansas City’s Eggs on Mars. Together we discussed the logistics of eggs being on mars, their favorite kind of eggs, their influences, their upcoming album “Warm Breakfast”, and so much more!

1. Mustard is grateful to have Eggs on Mars join them at Music Shelf. How is everyone? 

Brad: We are happy to be joining you as well! I am doing just fine.

Mason: Good.

Doug: Hanging in there. 

Joel: I’m feeling juiced.

2. Mustard wonders how eggs got onto Mars? What was the application process like? Did NASA require a specific kind of egg? 

Brad: Eggs had to be in the top of their class, real grade A, FDA stuff. NASA had a rigorous application process, involving walking in eggshells, going through a scrambler, and lots of debate whether the chicken should be on Mars first! 

3. Additionally, how did you come up with your band name? What is everyone’s favorite kind of egg? 

Brad: The name was created as a joke band name by one of our friends. They were making a list of fake band names for a little project, and we decided to make the fake band name real by taking it as our own. My favorite kind of egg is poached because it’s the classiest preparation.

Mason: Over easy.

Doug: Skillet cooked over medium.

Joel: Scrambled on sourdough toast with Cajun seasoning and extra pepper.

4. When and how did Eggs on Mars officially form? 

Brad: Eggs on Mars was formed in 2013 by me, Mason, and our friend Justin when we all went to college together. Justin and Mason were already in a band, and I saw how much fun they were having playing shows and writing songs and I knew I wanted to do that too. They helped me form Eggs on Mars and we’ve been making music for almost ten years! Justin moved to Japan in 2020 and we had Doug join the band on bass. He’s helped the band out a lot in various ways over the years. Joel is a very talented musician who contributed keys to the new album and we are very thrilled to have him join us as an official member! 

5. If Eggs on Mars could invite anyone to breakfast in space who would it be and why? 

Brad: Neil Young. He’s one of my favorites and doesn’t seem like he’d be phased by being in space.  

Mason: Ziggy Stardust.

Doug: Buzz Aldrin.

Joel: Willem Dafoe in hopes of an experience akin to his appearance on “Fishing with John”.

6. Who (or what) influences Eggs on Mars?

Brad: Right now I’d say John Andrews & the Yawns, the Monkees, Koney, Paul McCartney & Wings. Plus everything Mason says!  

Mason: Shy Boys, Beach Boys, Chris Cohen

Doug: Kool & The Gang, Future Islands, John Entwistle

Joel: Jerry Harrison, especially his work with The Modern Lovers

7. What is Eggs on Mars creative process? 

Brad: I’ll usually come up with an idea for a song and then we will work on it as a band, changing, rearranging, rewriting, and morphing it until it’s just right. Then when we have a good batch of songs ready, we’ll record them with our buddy Rodd at Solstice Audio. Then we’ll overdub anything we think the song needs. We did a lot of overdubbing and adding things to this new album like harmonies, shakers, tambourines, handclaps, guitar riffs, and keys.

8. In 2018 you released “Mama Pancake.” Could you share more about your relationship with Mama Pancake?

Brad: Mama Pancake is a mystical entity that we know very little about. I saw the words painted on a bridge and I took it as a sign, figuratively and literally. When we play the songs from that album, I feel sonically close to Mama Pancake, whoever or whatever that is. My wife Taylor thinks we need to do a follow-up album called Papa Waffle, but I’m not so sure…

9. A few years later you released your debut album “Brighter Now.” What was the process like putting this album together?

Brad: We were trying to make the shortest, sweetest, poppiest album we could. Something like the Zombies. We recorded it with Rodd at Solstice Audio and put it out with Subjangle Records. That was the first record we made without Justin and with Doug and our then keyboardist, Bennie. It was a new phase for us and made during COVID, so it was all extra strange and different. 

10. Mustard loves the artwork on all your releases. Does Eggs on Mars do the artwork themselves?

Brad: Thank you for saying that. We love bright colors, shapes, and abstract expressionism, especially Kandinsky and Klee! My mom used to teach primary school art and instilled a love of art in me. She painted the cover for “Mama Pancake” and “It Will Be Like It Was”. Jesse Bartmess painted the cover for “Brighter Now”. My sister-in-law, Shannon Brouk, painted the cover for the new one, “Warm Breakfast”.

11. What can fans expect from your upcoming album “Warm Breakfast?”

Brad: On this new album we wanted a warm, textured sound and so you’ll find doubled guitars, electric piano, vocal harmonies, and intertwined guitar lines accompanying themes of finding joy in life’s simple pleasures as a means to deal with its inherent chaos and disappointments. It’s a happy record with sad songs, or maybe a sad record with happy songs.

12. What is everyone’s ideal warm breakfast?

Brad: Breakfast burrito with a side of potatoes.

Mason: 2 flapjacks, 2 eggs over easy, mixed fruit bowl, bacon, and a side of hash browns. Accompanied by Cholula.

Doug: Half order of biscuits with sausage gravy & two eggs.

Joel: The aforementioned eggs on toast with the addition of half an avocado and a big cup o Joe. 

13. A human gets the chance to see Eggs on Mars perform. What is your live performance like?

Brad: Our shows are usually pretty laid back, but we like to get a little rockin’ and rolling. We keep our shows short and sweet. That way if people like what we’re doing, they leave wanting more. If they don’t like it, then it’s over soon. Everyone wins! With Joel joining the band the live show is even fuller sounding and more fun! 

14. What is next for Eggs on Mars?

Brad: Jupiter? We’re playing a big album release show in our hometown of Kansas City. It’s Saturday, March 25 at the Rino with Perfect Lovers and Vague Days! Then we are playing some more shows and going on a little tour. 

15. Where can readers listen to your music?

Brad: Our music is on all streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, and all that. The album is also available for purchase on CD and cassette on our Bandcamp page. That’s probably the best place hear it as well.


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