Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

Mustard had the pleasure of talking to Flip and The Combined Effort about this EP and so much more! You can read it here.

Mustard is not often found in classrooms. Unless, of course, they are on a crust-less sandwich made by a loving parent who hopes their small human does well on their report card. They more so reside in the cafeteria, often in packet form. It is in the cafeteria or mysterious “Teachers Lounge” where the subjects of this EP are discussed. If you are or were a teacher, Mustard recommends you listen to this during your planning period. Or at any time really!

Kicking off the EP is “This Could Have Been an Email” which is one of the most relatable songs ever created. It touches upon topics that could have, well, been sent through electronic mail. Even if you are not a teacher, this song is easy to relate too. Anyone who works in an office setting or works remotely will listen to this and instantly find something they can latch onto. Mustard’s human intern is a former educator and can attest that teachers do a lot, both before and after the day, that is not advertised on the job description. Soon you start to wonder if it is possible to add more hours to the day so everything can be completed.

The second track on the EP is “I Wish I Could Pee (Whenever I Want)” which, once again, is incredibly relatable. Sad though too. Teachers do not have the privilege to be able to use the bathroom whenever they like, unfortunately, and need to wait to do so during their planning period. This varies too for teachers. Some have their planning periods at the start of the day, others at the end of the day.

Ending the EP is “Tear Each Other Down” tackles the struggle of teachers combating with their fellow teachers even though they are on the same side. Rather than “tear each other down” educators should unite to build up a solid foundation that can better their situation. In the current climate, where educators, are being restricted by backwards laws and harassed by those ill-informed tearing each other down is the last thing that should be happening.

Mustard believes this EP can open up a lot of eyes and has great potential to create meaningful discussion about the current education system along with the treatment of teachers. If you are an teacher, bring this EP up in your next meeting that could have been an email. It may be awkward and cause some tension but it also could create positive change.

To conclude,

Mustard gives this EP 4.5/5 condiment bottles.


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