Mustard had the pleasure of speaking with Michael B (Italy) about their passion of electronic music, what goes into their production, and so much more! Check out the interview below!

1. Hello! Mustard appreciates you being here. How are you?

Hi Mustard, I am very excited to be here talking with you. Thanks for this opportunity. I am very well, I’m continuously working on new music and this makes me grateful and satisfied.

2. According to your Instagram bio, you only have one flaw, techno music. When did your love of techno music begin? What techno artists do you recommend readers check out?

My passion for electronic music and in particular for Techno music goes back a long time, about 22 years ago. I listened to a radio program called “Vitamina H” on Radio Italia Network almost every day. Thanks to this radio broadcast I was able to discover this kind of music, I immediately appreciated this type of sound. It was a beautiful novelty. The artists that I can recommend to your readers are many, I have got to know them well in all these years, in any case the ones I love most are the producers who make up Melodic Techno, a genre that I love as there is space both for the melody and for the hardness and energy. Among the many producers I point out Giorgia Angiuli, Hidden Empire, Monika Kruse, Pan-Pot and Boris Brejcha.

3. You are both a DJ and a producer. Could you share your creative process?

My production process almost always depends on my emotions. If I’m experiencing a particular sensation, now is the ideal time to turn it into music. The fortune of making electronic music is that in addition to composing music in your own recording studio, you can travel to different places. In fact, in recent years I like to take my laptop and put myself somewhere. With this way you can immerse yourself in different environments, explore, observe the people around you and experience even more intensely the music you are composing. I believe that this method increases my creativity much more than locking me in my recording studio.

4. What type of events do you DJ? Do you have a favorite event to DJ?

For several years now I have been dedicating most of my time to production alone. I do not deny my past but I simply find it much more satisfying and interesting. If I decide to go back to DJing it is only for some radio station with which I have maintained a serious friendship over the years. The greatest satisfactions as a DJ have undoubtedly been given by radio stations, by far the program that gave me the most satisfaction was “Undiscovered Talents of the World Radio Show” made by Graham Sahara of Pioneer DJ Radio.

5. You’ve created a radio show called B-Tronic that broadcasts on 28 European radio stations. Could you tell us more about B-Tronic?

My radio show was a real fortune for me, in fact it allowed me to expand my audience exponentially and to make myself known in thousands of countries around the world. Unfortunately three years ago I chose to interrupt it because it required more and more time and energy, I am a perfectionist and I was not happy to do something in a forced way. Who knows maybe one day I will choose to take it back, several radios occasionally contact me asking me to take it back.

6. Mustard wonders who (or what) influences you?

My music is a set of sensations and emotions, so I can say that everything that happens to me is fuel for my record production. Also, I listen to many hours of electronic music, every day, so I always try to improve myself and mix new musical genres constantly.

7. If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be? Why?

 I am constantly looking for new collaborations, I love interacting with other artistic ideas. If I could dream and collaborate with an international artist, I would certainly not choose someone commercial but I would prefer some DJ / Techno Producer, although this is a much less widespread genre than commercial music. My favorite artists are Deadmau5 and Giorgia Angiuli, so I would definitely choose them.

8. What goes into remixing a track? What sets a Michael B DJ remix apart from others?

I love discovering new music and very often if a song really strikes me and the artist agrees I try to create my own version. I love to choose songs that are very different from my style and completely upset them, maybe that’s what distinguishes my remixes from the others. An example that I can give you, is one of my recent remixes that I have published, that is “Walks with Strangers Remix“, in which I have transformed a song from the Retro Synthwave sounds into a Progressive House song.

9. Do you have any upcoming projects? Or projects you’d like readers to check out?

I have no upcoming projects, my most important future project is to finish my seventh album of unreleased songs, I have the hope of releasing it within the year but I don’t want to be in a hurry.

10. Where can readers listen to your music?

Thanks to the excellent support of digital distributors and record labels, my music is distributed all over the world on over 250 digital platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Tidal and many more. I want to thank you Mustard for this interview, I am happy that your readers have the opportunity to know me and listen to my music. Visit for more contents.


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